Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mid-August Update

It’s getting pretty close to the middle of August now, so I guess it is time for another update post!

There is not really a lot to post about – just work, work, work, and a few days off thrown in. 

So, it’s mostly just photos this time.

Things have been quiet on the forest fire front due to constant rains and cool weather.  The crowds of helicopters in May, all jostling each other for a spot at the fuel tank seems to be a thing of the past.

But there is still lots of people in the camp and things going on.  They are building us a new pump house, which will contain all the pumps, reservoirs and pressure tanks that supply the camp.




And with the absence of large helicopters in the area, there was an opportunity for a quick flight and photos from a much smaller version.



Of course, on days when the lookout need supplies, I still get up in the real thing to visit the ones in this area.



These mountain top lookouts regularly get hit by lightning, and once again, there were a few fried electronic bits to be replaced.


At this isolated lookout that averages only about a half dozen hardy hiker visits a season, we had to wait our turn to use the heli-pad, as there was a crew with another helicopter busy installing a new radio repeater installation.

It was like ‘Grand Central’ for a while there, but luckily, there was still time for a coffee while taking in the view and awaiting our flight out.


Since my mower at home was still in the ‘mower hospital’ where it has been since June, there was not much point in going home for the next set of days off, so Hailey and I dragged ourselves to a lakefront parking spot, where we met up with good friends from home, who we have camped with as well in Nevada, Arizona, and perhaps California.  They were on a shake-down visit with their brand new Sedona 5er.  A few world problems were solved, and there were a few card tricks played.  Too bad I can’t remember all those world problem solutions!


The weather wasn’t all good, but we still managed to do a driving tour into my old working areas in the northern part of Banff park and the southern part of Jasper.  We drove past the hideous sight of the new ‘skywalk’ that Parks Canada has foolishly allowed to be bolted to the face of the mountain at Tangle Hill after the mountain goat terrain was dynamited away.  No photos of that abomination, thank you very much.

Of course, Miss Hailey was along as always, and enjoyed the new sights and areas to explore.P8098379P8098380IMG_1813 

Now it’s just back to work, but the end is in sight.  I should be free by the end of September, if the snows don’t dictate an earlier end to the fire season.  This is a good month for the pocketbook however, with three provincial pay days and one federal pay day.  I do like double dipping Winking smile.