Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't be misled! These photos are not from around home.

Just thought I would post a few more photos from the trip - as well as change a few in the sidebar.The first two are from Mexico and the flowers were on the California coast.

There was a bit of a snowstorm at home today that had the Trans Canada Highway closed briefly due to semi-trailers spun out on the 'hill'. So it does not exactly seem like summer here, even though a LOT of the snow has melted over the last couple of weeks. I can now make it through the snowbank to get at my woodpile in the back yard, and the 'lost' picnic tables are almost completely visible.

Harley is a bit freaked out today as they are blasting rock for nearby highway construction, and an explosion around noon shook the house and windows pretty violently.

Once again, a surge in readers from afar. In the last couple days the blog has had visitors from:

Belgium Elsene, Brabant

China Beijing

France Paris, Ile-de-France

and of course, the US.

not to be forgotten, the locals!

I also bought a new Windows Vista Media Centre Computer a couple of weeks ago, so I have been busy getting it running and up to speed, and still fighting to transfer files and programs from the old PC.

Anyone need a Sony Vaio desktop computer? Pentium 4, 200gb HD, DVD/RW and CD, firewire card, XP home. All for the price of the Nvidia video card I bought for the new unit!
Monitor extra - unless you want to go to Staples and pick it out of the Alberta Computer recycling bin!

It's snowing outside again, so I think I will just look at these flowers and wait for summer to arrive.

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