Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Most of the snow has left the valley bottoms (for now!), so I was able to venture down the old 1A highway west of Lake Louise to the continental divide. This road has been closed to vehicles for quite a few years now, so to see this display you have to walk, cycle, ride horse, ski, dogsled, or find other non-mechanical ways to get there. It is sad to see such a fine structure falling into disrepair. This display marks the Alberta - BC boundary, and a small creek runs down the boundary and splits into two. One half flows east towards the Atlantic, the other half west towards the Pacific!

I found some wildlife to photograph, and contrary to what you are thinking, this squirrel has likely never seen a human before, but was very unafraid and did not mind me getting within 6 feet to watch him eat his lunch. Much of my hiking of late does not involve trails, just bushwacking through the area, looking for old cabins, game trails, historical artifacts, and of course wildlife.

There was quite a mix of weather on the long weekend, including sun, rain, wind, and of course - snow. And it has not changed any since the weekend. In the afternoon, a thunderstorm, this evening, snow. Huge fluffy white flakes floating down, then the sun came out and shone brightly once again. It was so wintery outside that the 'microwave tiger' decided that it would be just as well to stay inside and give the chipmunks, squirrels, and mice a day off.

The START of the snow!

The next morning!! (Yes, this is MAY 24th!)

Only six weeks till Merritt!

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