Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lots of anglers arrived at our riverside camp early in the morning, so we hit the road in good time. The weather had warmed some as we headed south, and the skies remained mostly clear of smoke.
We crossed over the Yukon river near Carmacks and continued on south.
A short stop and stretch was in order at another historic roadhouse - this one not restored, as some of them were.
This was after all the historic overland route to Dawson City. I think it was mostly or exclusively used in winter, as the river was still the main travel route at that time.

At Braeburn lodge, it was imperative to stop and sample the famous, HUGE cinammon buns.
The 'navigator' and I each hold one of the impressive specimens in front of the sign right across the road at the airstrip of the same name.
Yes, it is an actual airstrip! This is also a stop on the Yukon dogsled race, and it is on the Trans Canada Trail.
For more photos of the area and the lodge, check out this blog : Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle I discovered by a cyclist heading north at the same time. We must have met him on the road, as he blogged about the lodge the very next day!
Last pic of the big buns in front of the big sign.
Further south, and getting close to Whitehorse again, was Lake Laberge - made famous in Robert Service poetry.

We checked out the campground, but decided to continue on to have a hot dip again at Takhini Hot Springs, where we had stayed on our way north a few weeks before.

After a relaxing soak, a short drive took us to a very scenic camp spot overlooking the Takhini river.
It was very quiet, and very scenic - one of my favourite camp spots on the trip.
It was warm, and there was a nice breeze to help dry our swim suits and towels hung out on an improvised clothesline.

It was an early night, as we had to be in Whitehorse the next morning to be at the airport :-(

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