Sunday, June 20, 2010

Most of my time at work the last while is focused on keeping the wildlife and human visitors far enough apart that they do not harm each other.

For weaponry, the wildlife generally carry teeth and claws and hoofs and horns, while the humans sport cars, trucks, trains, and poor garbage handling or illegal feeding. CIMG1157

This black bear had her two cubs and herself up a tree, in a construction zone, on the side of the trans Canada highway – on the wrong side of the wildlife fence. CIMG1158

It took a bit of doing, but we eventually coaxed her down with an inviting hole cut into the fence.


This was all done under the interested gaze of a young male grizzly who wondered what those cubs would taste like. Fortunately, black bear cubs climb trees, and grizzlies don’t – generally.

(Note: photos with the dark circles around them were taken through a spotting scope.)

As is normal in June, the goats were down along the side of the highway, CIMG1210frequenting their favourite ‘licks’, and showing off their youngsters.


Another Mama grizzly showed up at the Chateau Lake Louise to show off her new twins, coming down from the hills for the first time this season. Unfortunately, my hands were fairly full of bear spray, cracker gun, shotgun, and radio – all while attempting to hold the crowds of humans at bay, so there was no time for any photos of her this time.

But one of her previous offspring has been a regular resident the past couple of years, and he keeps us busy escorting him out of town regularly. CIMG1230 CIMG1231 CIMG1234CIMG1235

Every once in a while, between bears, there might be time to sit on the lakeshore and enjoy the scenery! I’m still waiting for that time to arrive.CIMG1212

Weekends off have been really lousy weather, so even though tempting, the camping rigs have maintained their spots in the driveway. Perhaps July will bring some summer in these parts?


  1. You sure have an interesting job but it is probably a bit dangerous too. Take care!!!

  2. Thanks for letting us in on your job. It's a different perspective than what we see from this side. I caught myself saying 'now THAT's a Job!' Quite the balancing act you have there. Hope Hailey is hanging in and growing well.