Sunday, September 19, 2010


The weather has certainly taken a turn, and now has a definite fall, if not winter flavour!

So, before it decides to get worse, I have been spending my time moving!  CIMG1904

I’ve been living in a government house for the last 14 years, only visiting my own house on occasional weekends, usually to mow the grass.  CIMG1907

Now it is time to cut the expense of two houses and get all my ‘stuff’ into one.  My truck camper is already out squatting at the new house (got it winterized just in time, I hope), and the fifth wheel waits patiently in the driveway for it’s chance.


I booked off all the rest of the month to give lots of time for the switch.  Of course, last weekend was spent in Jasper camping out and visiting with lots of old friends up there.

Next weekend, it is time for a short road trip (!) to Saskatchewan for a buddy’s retirement party – and to do a bit of camping of course.


    Took a shortcut on a couple of the ‘moving’ trips, which involves a bush road that at times seems to be more like boating than driving.  One deep water hole after another.  At least the bottom is solid and there is no real danger of getting stuck, but the front bumper did start a tidal wave crossing one of the deeper ones.

CIMG1914 CIMG1915 CIMG1916 CIMG1917 CIMG1918 CIMG1919

Oh, and I booked off all of October as well for some vacation time ;-)  I’m thinking I might spend a lot of it on Vancouver Island and area – where the weather is likely to be a lot more livable than here on the continental divide.  After reading about the Bayfield Bunch planning for a southern departure in a few weeks, that has me getting itchy to head south as well.  The weather reports show that it is still pretty hot in some of my favourite spots, so perhaps there is no rush to get that far south right away.

Perhaps I should just decide to pull the pin and retire, and not have to worry so much about the timelines!  Any way it works out, I can’t wait to get back on the road.

Hailey is patiently waiting as well.CIMG1921


  1. Hey, that little Hailey sure is a cutey. Before our doggy gang we both had cats & when we were on the old farm we had lots of cats. Yep, nothing like a spell of cold weather to push a feller further south alright.

  2. Spending time in the Rockies all summer, with September off to move and October to get away as a pre-winter escape and then the winter somewhere south, retirement may be anti-climatic.

  3. Cute kitty. I love fall. Not too crazy about what follows though. Thanks for sharing...