Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowstorm in Texas?

‘Don’t Panic’, the local media tells the population.  In this area of Texas they are expecting their fourth February snow storm in 50 years!  And they are taking it seriously! 

“February has brought snow to the Coastal Bend in 1958, 1960 and 1973.”

From Accu-weather …

Temperatures dropped so drastically from Tuesday to Wednesday that rolling blackouts were imposed across portions of Texas due to increased heating demand. According to the Houston Chronicle, 330,000 customers were without power for a time in Houston alone Wednesday.

Schools have closed, colleges are shutting down, and there have even been power outages.  The Rangers came by this morning to advise that the big bridge leading to the

mainland may close soon because of icing, but did not ask anyone to leave.  I guess they likely don’t have any sand trucks to spread sand or salt down here?  Of course, the bridge is very exposed and quite steep, and if no one has decent tires or knows how to drive on ice, perhaps widespread closures are prudent.  I came through the entry gate – it was closed.  I went to the visitor center that only closes on Christmas day – and it was closed and had a note on the door saying that it would not open for 3 days, or 4, if the weather was still bad.  CIMG3731Well, I can’t say this is nice beach weather, with the temperature hovering around the freezing mark and a stiff breeze, but there certainly is nothing unusual at this point.  Now, if they announced a hurricane coming, I would certainly take heed, but this is just a little cool weather!

The wind is trying to undercut my tires by blowing the sand away!CIMG3720CIMG3721

The view across Corpus Christi bay a couple days ago, and another look at the USS Lexington.


And some photos from an earlier time (like 2 days ago), when it was beach weather!CIMG3687CIMG3688CIMG3689CIMG3704

Not much has happened around here since Wandering Willy made a break for it, and is now stuck up north with some seriously freezing temps.

Looking at the big picture, it appears that this same weather system has hammered the US midwest and is working on Ontario and the Maritimes in Canada.

There was a big grass fire just outside the park entrance in the last day.  It looks like it may have burned somewhere between 50-150 acres of dry grass over marshland.  With low humidity and high winds, I imagine it burned fairly rapidly.


Many of the people previously camped on the beach have moved on, and all the tenters have disappeared, but there are still about half a dozen of us, including some fellow Canadians from Manitoba just down the beach.  All the surf fishers have gone, and most of the bird life must have moved inland to more sheltered waters, as there are only a few left out here now.

If this weather persists, the SuperBowl game could be more like the Grey Cup game usually is!

All in all, this feels just like home.  A little too much like home!

Of course home would include real winter with 3 feet of snow and –40 temps, and where you plug in your ‘non-electric’ vehicle so it will start.

Just for some perspective, here is a shot from the web cam in Roger’s Pass on Canada’s trans Canada highway. That’s what winter looks like. No fears about ‘slippery sidewalks’ here.  You’d be lucky to find a sidewalk.


Here are today’s shots from Corpus Christi.


If I had my pick, I’d stay right here!  See you down the road.


  1. I love your header picture, priceless!

  2. Thought you were gonna tell us that was snow under your tires. Looks believable. Yep, sure is cold over here in these parts alright. We'll have to wait until we thaw out to see how much damage has been done. Wonder if WW made it to Tucson today. No sign of him here in Elfrida. I guess that Stealth mode is working pretty darn good for him..........