Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We’ve had quite a number of ‘firsts’ on this expedition.

First time to the Texas coast, first wild alligator, first armadillo, first large groups of Javelinas, and likely a bunch of firsts I have already forgotten.

Today, however we did a couple more.  Today is Hailey’s first birthday.  This is a bit of a guess – as she was born in a barn as a ‘wild’ farm cat, but it’s as close as we can get. 

This was not really her birthday present, but she was pretending it was!


Also, today I found my first hummingbird nest, complete with hummingbird and egg!  It was in a Palo Verde tree and only about 5’ from the ground.  I had seen a hummingbird hanging around the area and suspected there might be a nest in a really bushy tree close by, but found it quite exposed actually.  I took a photo or two of her sitting on the nest, but then waited until I saw her head out on a long flight before approaching the nest for other photos.image   CIMG4265CIMG4267CIMG4264

If only I had Al’s camera and skills from the Bayfield Bunch, and we could have had some really good photos!

It’s been a bit warm for hikes in the middle of the day, but I’ve been out a few times fairly early to look around some of the small peaks just behind where we are camped.

I could see this hole in a rock from the campsite, and sure enough, I was able to climb right up to check it out!


There was a small memorial on a nearby peak.

And a couple of nearby neighbors.


A lone tree on the ridge top, and a cactus that looked like it should not have survived!


And a cave, that was getting frequent use from something …


And lots of these little guys.  Hailey caught one, but I, um, ‘facilitated’ his escape!


Just up the hill from where I am camped – Bouse, Az in the distance.CIMG4188CIMG4156

(Same ending as last time!)

Our plan is to stay here for an undetermined length of time, then head to an undetermined location.  But that plan could change.  Winking smile


  1. Happy Birthday Hailey! Very cute photos of Hailey and her toy. In fact, I enjoyed looking at all your photos. Those hummer eggs as teeny.

  2. Don't think I have ever seen a Hummingbird nest so that is a first for me. How lucky you are to have a furry little Clown for a traveling partner. Pets are just the best of ever:)) Am assuming you are still in the Bouse area. Trees are sprouting green leaves over here in the Vegas area. Today we head for some boondocking spots near Overton & then will go have us a look at that there Valley of Fire.

  3. Nice to see the hummingbird nest. I have never seen one this close sitting still. I enjoy your travels as an "armchair traveler"

  4. Happy Birthday, Hailey! You are one lucky little kitty!