Sunday, June 12, 2011

June–Almost half gone already!

I sure don’t know how you  ‘daily’ bloggers manage it – when you are at home!  I know I sure can’t often seem to find the time – or more likely the incentive, to keep the blog up to date amid the distractions of not being on the road!

As usual, Hailey has been busy hunting mice and exploring the trees, while watching out for the fox and the coyotes.  Actually, I have been the one doing most of the watching, after seeing the fox with a mouthful of what might have been a stray cat, or hopefully, a fox kit being moved to a new den?


Meanwhile, the fifth wheel has been on ‘vacation’ while the truck camper gets the nod for a few short trips.  I also went crazy with the pressure washer a while ago, and cleaned the entire outside of both campers, and the roof of the fifth.  I think Al of the Bayfield Bunch did the same thing at about the same time?  While the pressure washer was out, almost everything in sight got sprayed, and even a few things best not in sight.  The pump in the septic tank had been misbehaving, so it got hoisted out and cleaned off for the adjustments to the float switch.


I also got keen one day, and went shopping for some trees to enhance the appearance of the yard.  It would have been quite the sight to see me cruising down the road with my heavy equipment, searching for some good trees.  Fortunately, there is bush all around, and oil and gas wells that will not miss a few trees.  I also used my heavy equipment to spread some gravel on my driveway from the convenient pile a neighbour left me a few years ago.


A mini road trip took me back to another retirement party near Invermere BC.  While there, I had a lake view camp spot at a friends place, where we also suffered through some tough times in the boat, and on their deck solving a few of the world’s problems.  This retirement life is tough, let me tell you.


While the red squirrels dominated the bird feeders during the day, at night the flying squirrels took over and were not at all shy about posing for some photos!CIMG5549CIMG5547

On the way back, I found a nice spot to boondock along the river, then stopped back in Lake Louise to visit my favourite former saddle horse Caroline.  She is close to retirement as well, but for now is still on the government payroll, err feedbag!


Back at home, it was time to send off my passport renewal so I can go south again when the winter snows return in a few short months.  Hailey is keeping a close eye to make sure the printing is done properly.


I had a another college buddy stop by for a visit for a couple days, so I took him out for a drive to visit the Ya Ha Tinda ranch – where Caroline (the horse) spends her winters.  A quick hike to Bighorn Falls was in order, and Hailey kept a sharp eye out for Bighorn sheep along the way.  Incidentally, there was no sign of John & Brenda with their shiny new horse/house  trailer out there at the campsite.



  1. Boy oh boy, every time I see pics of BC like that it just makes me want to put the 'For Sale' sign on this place & move right back to British Columbia again. We won't reach our 'half way' point for over another month yet....unless I can convince the 'powers that be' we should be on the road by early October. Not likely to happen:((

  2. Caroline is a beauty!..but so is Hailey! the dashboard shot!..make me smile everytime!!

  3. I'm glad you don't feel the need to blog every day - I love it when you do, when you have something to say. Great job on the blog!