Friday, November 11, 2011

11 Nov 2011

Remembrance Day


In memory of
Flying Officer
who died on May 13, 1944.

Military Service:
Service Number: J/28259
Age: 25
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 426 Squadron

Remembering my uncle Clifford – who I was named after.

Uncle Clifford was shot down over Belgium in Halifax LW 682 on May 13, 1944.  The Halifax had crashed into a bog and sank at the time, although bodies of several of the crew, including my uncle had been recovered.  In about 1985, the wreckage was ‘rediscovered’, and eventually excavated and the remains of the rest of the crew were recovered.  They were buried beside their crewmates on  November 10, 1997.  My father was able to attend the ceremony.  Read all about it in the many links above.

Remembrance day kind of ‘reminded’ me that I had not updated the blog for quite some time, even though there is not much to report on.  I have been marking time in increasingly cold Alberta, waiting till I can finally head south at the start of December.
Glad to read that many others in the RV blogging world, such as the Bayfield Bunch are just hours away from departure, and many others are already down south, soaking up the sun and warmth.
At least we are experiencing a brief chinook, which has spiked our temps well above freezing for a day or so at least.
Hailey, of course is the star of the show again, as she is the only photogenic one of us!
On a short visit to Banff, she was trying to hunt coyotes.CIMG7082-1CIMG7086-1
On a trip to the Edmonton area, we stopped at the Genesee power plant, where she did her best imitation of a ‘pole cat’.CIMG7100-1CIMG7095-1CIMG7097-1CIMG7098-1CIMG7099-1
On the same trip, I managed to break the gas pumps at a local fuel station.  These new ‘smart’ pumps actually grab onto your ‘chip’ credit card while you enter your pin #.  Apparently, entering the wrong pin twice (!) is enough to freeze the computer!  Sorry!
While checking the neighbours house after a fresh snowfall, I found these tracks.
A few days later, I spotted the elusive track-maker.
I had seen this stray cat only once back in the summer, but then a couple of days later had seen a red fox with a large mouthful of something that colour, I had thought the worst.  Now, I think it was likely that the fox was carrying one of it’s young to a new den site.  After a brief staring match, the stray departed at high speed.
Meanwhile, down by the river, this mink was enjoying a swim while ice started to form along the river bank.
The fifth wheel and truck camper wait patiently …
I knew I must be getting bored when, after the paint had dried and the bowling ball was polished, I found myself watching poker – on TV!    Then I took up art!

With luck, I hope to be on the road – in about three weeks.  Can’t wait!

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