Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heading up the Colorado

At this time of the year, it does not take long for me to get bored with a particular camp spot.
Besides, Hailey had already checked out all the local bushes to make certain they were not harbouring any small prey.
This is especially true of Lake Havasu, where the bikinis have not started to blossom in great numbers yet!  In fact, it started to rain one day, so that cemented our intentions to move on.  But prior to that, I had joined John & Nicole on a hike to the top of Lizard peak, where there is conveniently, a picnic table bolted on the top.  I think it should be called Tabletop mtn!
Since Lake Havasu is simply a wide spot on the Colorado River formed behind the Davis dam at Parker, we decided to follow it upstream.
First stop was just across the line (and river) in Needles, Ca, as Californians are much more amenable to recycling stuff than are Arizonans.  After giving a fingerprint at the recyclers in Yuma to recycle my $2.80 worth of aluminum cans, and having to produce photo ID to do so, I was a bit apprehensive.  As expected the Ca crew were much more friendly, and I only had to print my name and add a signature to give them back their cans!  They were quite amazed when I told them of my Yuma experience.
For a change, we followed the Needles Highway going north along the river on the California side. The road had more than it’s share of potholes, so it was not a lot of fun. Exactly where the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada come together, we crossed back over into Arizona and into Bullhead City.  It was late afternoon when the two new batteries were installed in the truck and we were ready to go.  The local Walmart is of the ‘no camping’ variety, but we soon found a secluded section of the Sam’s Club to share with a couple of other units. As a bonus, there was free wi-fi available from Sam’s.
The weather was starting to improve in Bullhead City (Laughlin), but by the time we climbed the long grade up to Kingman, the temperature fell and so did the rain again, mostly on the plain.  Last time through here we camped on the side of the Eldorado road, that winds it’s way down from highway 93 to the shore of Lake Mohave (Colorado River).  But it was cold and dreary looking as we passed the turnoff, so we kept going up to Hoover Dam.  We crossed the new bridge by the dam and now found ourselves in Nevada.  After a leisurely drive up the North Shore road, it was nice to pull into our favourite place at Stewarts Point.  There were a few rigs there and plenty of room.  As an added bonus, camping is allowed here for 15 days (according to the sign), unlike the usual 14 days at most of the BLM camping areas.  And, the sun was shining once again!
We were soon set up and enjoying the warmer weather, the lake and mountain views and the sight and sounds of loons, grebes, gulls, and osprey, and small waves splashing on the shore.  It’s a bit of a contrast from the mostly dry camps the rest of the winter.
I think this is the remains of a navigational beacon that was placed here when the water in Lake Mead was much higher.  The location of our camp would have been an island, or totally submerged in the past.  As evidence, the gravel is littered with shells, and I don’t mean the firearm type.
We’re just getting settled here, but if the weather cooperates, it might be a while before the next move.  With luck, we might be joined by the same couple of friends who were here with us last year – having recently escaped the icy cold grasp of Alberta for a couple months.P3097565P3097564P3097563 

I almost forgot to mention one thing.  My Powerdrive 1000 inverter.  It is made by Powerdrive - 1875 Zeager Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.  It quit working properly a few weeks ago.  Properly, being the important word.  It just quit turning on or off, either with the remote switch, or with the button on the face of it.  It DOES turn off the display, but power is still full in the 110V outlets, though none in the USB plug.
I also tried to disconnect it completely from the battery, but that did not change anything.
So, I wrote them a nice email to their 'support' (  line and received a completely useless reply telling me to 'keep my receipt'!  In fact, here is the complete reply,

**Note by Stacey Morris, 18-Feb-2013:
Thank you for taking the time to contact us, and inquiring about the RPPD1000, Inverter.  This unit can ONLY be operated when connecting directly to the battery of your vehicle.  Here are some additional tips, to help you get the best performance from your PowerDrive Inverter.

1)      Save your receipt, you will need this if you ever need warranty service.
2)      If you need to extend the length of the stock cables (36” 4 gauge are included), you must use a larger gauge wire. (2 gauge is recommended up to 6 feet. Over 6 feet Ø gauge)
3)      Do not use extension cords or multi-taps on the inverter. One device per outlet.
4)      Supply plenty of fresh air.  A hot inverter will not be able to supply full power and will shut down if it becomes too hot.  It is best to mount it in a location that is cool, like the passenger cab, away from an outside wall, and not in a cargo box.

I wrote back suggesting that their advice did nothing to help the situation at all and gave them another chance to suggest a solution or repair.  I told them that I would be pleased to mention their service in my blog - good or bad.
You be the judge.  I guess I for one will not be buying one of their products again.  I will advise if I hear more from them.


  1. Nice sundown at Stewarts Point. I remember we took a drive through there a couple years ago while boondocked over near the Valley Of Fire somwehere. Must have been really nice years ago when the water levels were higher.

  2. Stewarts Point used to be one of our stops on the way to Arizona. That was at a time when the water was still high and Overton Beach was going strong. There was even a pay phone where we could get "pocketmail" downloaded and sent. Pocketmail was my first "computer" and I thought I had it made. Getting emails in the desert was a novelty then.

  3. SWEEEEET spot by Stewards Point and LOVE the sunset shot.
    And sorry about the poor response from Powerdrive...what a totally useless paragraph!