Monday, July 15, 2013

Mid-July Update

Wait!  It’s hardly been two weeks since the last blog update.  What am I doing back here already Winking smile?

With the urgent flood situations now mostly under control, our staff have returned, and Hailey and I were able to move back to our primary fire base camp.


More lookouts needed to have their supplies flown in, so that meant another couple days in the air..CIMG9026P7038298P7038297

All of the lookouts are situated on high ground (of course), and the mountain-top ones are even more obvious targets for lightning.  This one was no exception and had recently taken a direct hit.  The result was no internet, telephone, microwave, and lights.  We brought up an electrician, and soon had things running normally again.


Of course, getting to these lookouts involves flying over lots of scenery!

Pepper’s lake



Ram Falls


Back at home on days off, the r/c helicopter got up again – for a look at a nearby drill rig in operation.


I accepted an invitation to head in to the Calgary Stampede and take in a couple outdoor shows.


On the way back to work the ground fog one morning was widespread.


One day I got on a quad course with a bunch of the firefighters who use the machines on occasion to reach isolated fires if flying is not an option.


As per request; requisite photos of Ms Hailey.


With the scarcity of fires in the area, the frequency of helicopters visiting the base has reached an all-time low.

So I was surprised yesterday to hear an un-announced machine coming in for an apparent landing.

Turns out it was a Stars rescue helicopter stopping in for some fuel on the way to hospital with a patient.  I provided the required fuel and they were soon on their way.




  1. I wondered who that was buzzing around over us while we were enjoying the peace and solitude of the South Ram region. Glad you got a few days off but I guess that means you are working Wednesday when the world famous Dogpound Rodeo will be going on!

  2. I still think ya got one of the most best jobs of anybody. What a great way to spend the summer & get paid for it too. All the best to you & Hailey:))

  3. I was wondering the same thing. Did you see us riding the Ram!!!. Pretty cushy job you have going there.

    I love seeing Haily

  4. Some really fantastic scenery up your way. I like checking in to see what you're up to. Keep posting and thanks for sharing.

  5. Either you're getting really slack with your posts, or could there be a fire or two out there keeping you occupied? Things are still sailing along nicely here on the east coast.......