Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Time Flies

My easy camp life came to an end in the middle of September.  It was a bit of an adjustment for me.  I had to remember to buy food and remember how to cook again!  Anyone got a good recipe for toast?  Or KD?

My fire base camp had officially closed a few days earlier and all the firefighters, kitchen and cleaning staff were gone.  Crews were still day-basing at that location, so it was not really abandoned when I hooked up the fifth wheel and bumped down the 5km of dusty gravel road before hitting the highway to unemployment, and freedom.P9088525IMG_2022

I had already repaired and replaced the electric brake wiring that the rabbits (?) had chewed off while I was camped on the airstrip, but I thought it was time to get the wheel bearings re-packed.  Since a place in Rocky Mountain House had the best price when I checked a couple years ago, I dropped it off there on the way home.

It was a good summer job, but it was nice not to have to count the days before returning, and I was glad to be free once again.  Besides, the grass at home still needed mowing, the deck needed sealing, and Hailey had mice to catch.

Once at home however, it wasn’t long before the urge to wander returned, so the truck camper was recruited from it’s spot beside the house, and we were off to Banff, Lake Louise and area to visit some friends, check out the scenery, and enjoy the first weekend not working all summer!

I even acted as a tourist for a while, and went for a stroll up Johnston Canyon before the crowds got too thick.

IMG_2001 IMG_2002 IMG_2003 IMG_2004 IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2007

On the return trip home I decided to take the somewhat remote Trunk road, and was lucky enough to run into a group of wild horses.  They were right at roadside, but by the time I got stopped and whipped out my phone for a photo, they had moved off a bit.

   IMG_2016 IMG_2017

It was a very enjoyable drive on a beautiful fall day, and I checked out a few side roads and potential camp spots as well.


On the home front, I had an old HP laptop that had refused to boot up no matter how many times I tried it.  I was pretty sure I had most of the important files off of it, but you never know for sure.  On a whim, just before tossing it in the recycle bin, I tried it one more time and what do you know!  It booted up just fine – several times.  But on the first successful boot, I hooked it to a remote drive and backed up absolutely everything.  Whew!

I thought I was done with work for quite some time, but then I got a call from a guy who needed some photos – from the air.  So I spent a few hours on my next weekend (!) taking some, and lets just say that my new flat screen TV is rather nice.  Only problem is; now he is trying to convince me to spend some time up north of Ft McMurray this fall/winter making some more money.  Sounds cold to me.  I prefer my cold in a can by my lawn chair in Arizona, while wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

The fifth wheel is now back at home – providing me with my internet at home, like it does on the road.  But with overnight temps dipping below freezing sometimes now, I guess it is time to winterize – even if it is for only a few weeks.  Better safe than sorry.

IMG_2009  CIMG7228

When Ms Hailey spotted the 5th wheel back in the yard, she went right inside, and spent the next few hours there.  Perhaps she is trying to tell me something ;-).


  1. Nice portrait photo of Hailey. With nights dipping below freezing how much longer until the snow flies. Maybe time to point the truck's nose south & head on out. We hope to travel more this winter than last winter so will probably hit a few of the old favorite spots. Probably see you somewhere along the way. How about Wandering Willy, any word about WW's travel plans?

    1. WW is heading out Nov 1,Al four months of strictly boondocking at all the old haunts,providing the Govt doesn't close all the BLM's.

    2. Nice to see you come out of the Wood Work again WW! Now everyone is accounted for - and almost on the road to more boondocking adventure. Looking forward to seeing you all down there again.

  2. Good to hear from you and hope to see you at DPS. Hailey looks like she had a great summer.

    Take Care Ivan

  3. Glad to see the update. Great photos. The best part is the Ford blog link! Way to go 'Jimmy'. Hope to see you at BBS before you head N or S? Duane