Friday, December 12, 2014

Flying boats and Burros!

First off, some questions to ponder …

Can anyone tell me why (more often than not) in a major grocery store, they have the newspapers in a spot AFTER you have gone through the checkout!  Should not merchandise be placed somewhere before you go to pay?  Like, you don’t see the frozen bread dough or baby carrots there.  Why the papers?

While you ponder that one, I have another question.  Here is a completely un-retouched photo of the moon I took recently.


So, where is the other half of the moon?  Even with no sunlight shining on it directly, shouldn’t there be a matching dark disc?  Looks like just blue sky to me.  Maybe astronomer Al from the Bayfield Bunch has an answer for this one?  I think it’s time for another conspiracy theory!  I think it is hiding a secret military missile base perhaps!

I’ve been trying to wear out the hiking boots lately, and there are lots of interesting hikes in the Lake Havasu area that don’t include old mines.  And quite a few of them lead down the lakeshore.


And along the shore, courtesy of the BLM are countless small campgrounds and day use areas, accessible only by boat, some by foot as well.


I have noticed that ice-fishing hasn’t really caught on here like at home Smile.IMG_6448

I can’t resist a handy mountain peak with a good view, and I found another one between Mockingbird wash and Balanced rock.  It was SO high, I almost had to duck from the planes going over!



And since I promised flying boats as well …


And while I was up on the peak, I couldn’t resist making another Photosphere to post on Google Maps.

You can see it here.  With a photosphere, you can zoom in and out and see 360 degrees including the ground and sky!,+AZ/@34.4282765,-114.2929545,3a,75y,336h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sMwMJ9p_2dC8AAAQZCxIXzQ!2e0!3e11!4m2!3m1!1s0x80d1f216ee89e023:0x98de83cfb72ad3e2

Went for a drive one day and spotted this tandem dump truck with three extra sets of wheels in the middle, and another set way out the back on the end of a couple of hydraulically controlled arms.  Looked like a load of asphalt aboard, but still don’t know why it had that many wheels!


Also went for a cruise across the Parker dam and up to Black Meadow Landing on the California side of the lake.

Some of the waterfront campsites looked a bit cozy for my liking; of course I prefer my neighbours at least a half mile away – or more if they have use a generator!


Luckily, I did not have a boat trailer or I might have been confused here.

IMG_1663Oh right, I promised you some cute burros.


If I could have gotten one of these little guys in the back seat, Hailey would have company for sure.

The road along the Colorado river was closed because of a rock slide.


And if you really want to see an old mine shaft, you don’t even have to hike.  Here’s one right off the pavement!IMG_1667

Hailey contemplates taking up fishing.PB190335

Oh, and one more thing; we’re on the move again!

Departure time-lapse

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  1. I enjoyed your video about 'Departure time-lapse'! As I've said in the past, I love Lake Havasu and the area surrounding it. I'm hoping to visit my cousin who lives there, some time in February. I pray you will enjoy your time there, and everywhere you travel to. Blessings, Lynn