Saturday, July 4, 2015

Back on the Road. Briefly.

Summer has finally arrived, and it is going fast.  Crazy to think that the days are getting shorter again already!  But the sooner fall arrives, the sooner we can get back on the road again.

In the meantime, there were some days off to be enjoyed and so we left the fifth wheel in camp, loaded up the truck camper and off we went.  BC always has some good places to go in the summer so we retraced our path to some of the same places as last summer.

South of Revelstoke, we caught the ferry across the lake.


And found our ‘usual’ secluded spot along the lakeshore.  The water was high, so the normal spit of land and beach was totally submerged.


At the end of the lake there is a spawning area with a viewing platform.


Essentially a logging road, this is actually a numbered BC highway!IMG_2171

Remote hot springs were also on the agenda.IMG_2163

We stopped in at home long enough for some short flights, mow the grass, and drop the camper off before heading back to work.JRRAerial_6JRRAerial

Ran into this little guy and his mom in the bush near camp.  There have been lots of wolf sightings in the area, but at last report he’s still OK.IMG_2242


  1. Your camp looks divinely peaceful and love the remote hot springs. Nice to know I'm not the only one with a 5th-wheel and a truck camper.

  2. Nice shot from your copter... is that a custom build?

    1. It's a Draganfly X6, built by a company in Saskatoon, Sk. This time the photo was taken from video by a GoPro Hero4 Black.

  3. Wonderful shot of mom and baby, thanks for sharing