Saturday, September 5, 2015


September is here!

That means work is almost done for another year, and it is almost time to pack up and head south again!


Last time I updated, Hailey and I were still at the fire lookout near Slave Lake, AB.

The flowers were still a-blooming


A family of black bears paid a visit.IMG_9642

And I contemplate my commute down to the ground.IMG_2353

There appeared to be a camera on a nearby communications tower, and another one was topped with spines – perhaps to deter birds, or perhaps as lightning protection?IMG_9647IMG_9646

While there, an exceedingly rare sight!  Hailey actually drinking water out of her own water dish!  She much prefers water out of a sink.  Even if it is her same dish – placed IN the sink!


It had rained a bit, so they opted to fly us out again, rather than risk the muddy road.IMG_9596

Back at home for a few days, the bird feeders created nothing but conflict!


On the other side of the house, a young barn swallow still likes to spend time in the nest.


Several of my friends have turned out to be authors after they retired.  I finally had the time to pick up two of them recently at Chapters.  Randy was a college classmate of mine who spent most of his career with Federal Fisheries, and Rob was born and raised in Jasper National Park, where I worked with him as a Park Warden.


Not to be missed, another recently retired park warden has recently published his first in this series.  George Mercer – Dyed in the Green.  And Dale Portman, another retired park warden and dog handler I worked with in Jasper has several books in print.

Dyed In The Green_Front Cover_Close To FinlaImage result for 'dale portman'Image result for 'dale portman'

And Dale’s wife Kathy Calvert – one of the very first female park wardens in Canada – also has a book  Quest for the Summits, and Guardians of the Peaks, which she co-authored with her husband.

I hope I have not missed any more author friends …!

I think that should do for this post – have to save something for the next one.


  1. Ivan, great to catch up with you and your wandering soul.... I met you a couple years ago, well maybe 5 yrs ago on my way to Alaska for the summer..... glad to see you are enjoying retirement or more likely a great new chapter in life.... ps I recognize that phrase "graduated from work" and love it!

  2. Now the summer is over we're looking forward to your winter travels.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.