Friday, November 10, 2006

Only a few more sets of days off before Harley and I can load up the camper again and start another most excellent expedition! Lots of work to do though, in preparation. Foremost was the 8-10 inches of snow on the camper roof. This snow was close to a foot deep when it decided to rain for the best part of two days. This soaked into the snow, then froze, making it VERY heavy and very hard. So today I fired up the furnace in the camper to melt the interface and managed to shovel it all off without any damage to vents, or falling off myself. Also checked the battery level in the camper -while it was warm and comfortable inside. Also going through my notes, maps and plans from last year to make sure nothing gets missed. Already sent off for my Mexican insurance, visitor card, etc. This should save any delays waiting to cross the border like last year.
Tossed in a pic I took a couple of weeks ago - before all the snow started to fall.

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  1. HI IVAN, RECEIVED IT ALL, just checking the site now, you are quite a traveler.:)..keep us posted ,btw very nice pics....e