Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I took a lot of photos this week, and they are mostly self explanatory.

Many of the scenic shots I included in a slide show that should play automatically?
The slide show is in the upper right at the top of the blog. If you click on it you can control the show or see it in full screen mode, courtesy of Picassa Web Albums.

Most of these were taken on the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and the Columbia Icefields. There has been a lot of fresh snow in the last few days, then this day was very cold (-23C in the morning) and sunny and beautiful.
I was hauling an avalanche control gun north to Jasper Park and could not resist taking a lot of pics. I saw two very nice, sleek, large wolves on the side of the road, but they were a bit too shy for my camera.

We spent much of one night at a car wreck trying to get 4 backboarded patients back up a steep slope to the road where they could be taken to hospital by ambulance. It was kind of busy so I took no photos, but the next day there was another similar wreck (photos included) where the driver manged to make it back up to the road somehow - before getting transported to hospital.

Then there was the big fire one night. A large building burned to the ground at a local resort. It was already beyond saving when two fire departments arrived, but they managed to save all the surrounding buildings and a large propane tank nearby. This was difficult because there are no fire hydrants for mile around and they had to set up a 'truck brigade' pumping water from a nearby river that was doing it's best to freeze over.

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