Saturday, November 24, 2007

The first Men's Downhill World Cup Race of the season was held within sight of my house today.

I had to work (at the race), so took the opportunity to snap a few photos.

It's been cold all week, with no new snow - which is generally good for racing, but it was fairly changeable and blustery today, and everyone had to work at keeping warm.

Canadian Jan Hudec had finished first in the training run yesterday, and one of the Canadians had won the GS race here last year, so hopes were high.

But a Canadian has never won the downhill here in Lake Louise, and the only other downhill victory by a Canadian in Canada was Rob Boyd - back in 1989, I think.

Well today was a big day for Lake Louise, and the Canadian ski team.

For the second day in a row Jan Hudec put in a good run , wearing bib #5. He came in first, then had to wait around while all the American and European 'big guns' came down behind him.

But at the end of the day, the Banff local boy - with his parents in the crowd, stood on top of the podium as the first and only Canadian ever to win the downhill in Lake Louise.

So, as soon as the race was over, I went home, and CBC was just starting their broadcast of the race.

So I got to see the parts of the race I hadn't seen, complete with all the commentary.

Tomorrow - the Super 'G' race in the same location - and the Grey Cup game in Toronto.


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