Sunday, January 20, 2008

The countdown is on!

The reality of departure from this frozen, but beautiful land just got a bit closer today.

This is my last set of days off before the end of the month, and I had to take advantage of the relatively nice day to finally get the camper back where it belongs - on my truck!

Although sunny, the temperatures were a bit on the brisk side, and hot water had to be applied to the camper jacks to get the hydraulic fluid fluid enough to raise the camper.

I took my truck in after shovelling and chipping the snow out of the box and relegating the sand bags to the basement -hopefully till next fall - and gave it a good wash.

After loading the camper, I took it for a little test-drive to see how much of the snow could be blown off the roof. At least I won't have to shovel it any more. If it does snow before my departure, a short drive should take care of any fresh white stuff.

I will take great pleasure in watching the remainder melt off as soon as I am close to the coast.

A scenic shot for you taken just outside Lake Louise. This is some of the scenery I have to deal with on a daily basis on my 2km commute to work!Just so this entire post is not photos of the truck and camper, I thought I would include one of a prowler I caught checking out the hot tub one day recently. We had seen a number of tracks around, but just weren't sure who was making them. So, I grabbed a camera from work, and soon had the perpetrator identified.

And then there was the cat. He was trying to explain to me that we did not have any more cans of his favourite anti-diabetes cat food left. So he hopped into the box to show how empty it really was!

He has his favourite toys and catnip all packed ready to leave. I think he is looking forward to being outside again and having some green grass to munch on.
Till later.

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