Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time sure flies around the end of the year and the start of a new one, but there has not been much to pass on here - at least not much that I can show the photos of.
I came back to work on Boxing day and was greeted by a four vehicle head-on collision; the next day was a simple roll-over; the next day a head-on collision at the same spot as the roll-over; and the next day was a double fatal head-on collision. So you see - no pics.

Then we spent a couple days out on the snowmachines checking out some back country cabins. I 'may' have taken some blackmail photos of someone else's machine in certain 'encounters' with terrain and vegetation, but alas, I was bribed well not to show them.

There were a couple more unfortunate collisions that I can show the photos of. Sadly, a couple of moose did not survive their night on the highway. The cow was picked up dead one night, and the next morning her calf met the same fate. The carcasses were saved to feed bears in the spring when they are used to keep the bears away from populated areas.

We did get another big dump of snow early in the new year. It was a surprise to wake up in the morning and find another 20-30cm of snow in the yard.

This contributed to some pretty nice wintery scenes in the area.

Of course this also served to increase the avalanche hazard again in the area.
I was on days off in the city when a young local man died in an avalanche on a mountain within view of the village. I was not aware of it till I was reading the newspaper the next morning having a coffee in town. Then I spotted at reporter in a CTV jacket just before the Global TV Uplink truck pulled up.

Across the street was the CBC satellite truck.

Another elk met it's end this morning while dining on spilled grain in the rail yards in Field, B.C.
It was also saved for spring time bear feeding with the moose.

Harley did not consent to any new video this week, saying that his writers were on strike.
But he does seem headed for more fame and fortune after we discovered that he has been featured in an international (?) e-tourism web site called the Jasper Journal! Check out the link.

Extra: Almost forgot to mention that the packing and organizing has started for our departure for the official RoadTrip '08 which is scheduled to start at the end of this month. Counting down the days!

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