Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've discovered that being at home has it's advantages!

For instance:

When you look out the window, there are no dolphins or otters to distract you. And the view is always the same, so you don't need to bother looking.

And: With two big sinks and a lot of dishes, you hardly ever have to do the dishes - as long as you can find something fairly clean.

With three litter boxes for Harley ... see above.

Internet is always available and shows up on a 22" LCD monitor.
If your waterbed heater is not working, you can always sleep in the spare room.

There is no annoying water dripping off the roof; it is frozen in silent icicles.

You don't have to depend on "The Trailer Hitch RV Center" in Pismo Beach for light or heat.

You can wear clothes you haven't had to for months; Long johns, toques, heavy mitts, snow boots.
No Mexican lady bothers you in the morning with hot tamales.
You have an $800 propane bill for heating the house when you weren't here.
Compare that with $104 of propane I used while on the road. If you are taking notes, it looks like I could save $700 (and the planet) if I spent more time on the road! Hmmm ...

Ice makes pretty designs on the wheels of your truck.
Those sand bags cluttering up the basement, can be tossed into the back of the truck where they belong.
It doesn't matter if you forget sunscreen.

While I was glad to get the truck and camper home without getting coated in snow and ice like last year, and I was glad to find a bare driveway and sidewalk, that has all changed!

We got a big dump of snow which has now covered the camper and the driveway and the sidewalk. Half of the highways in the area have been closed, and the ones that weren't closed did a good job getting rid of any vehicles going too fast.

Harley has more than one sink to play in!

The sun doesn't get in your eyes.

In spite of the appearances, the bears are back and the early robins are here. Not sure if the robins will survive this cold spell as they try to huddle on warm(er) pavement or around building foundations.

We have a good sized grizzly who walked through the edge of town while searching the railroad tracks for spilled grain. More of his friends will be around soon.

So you can see, there really are a lot of advantages to being home. I think I'll stay here for a long time.
At least until my next days off!

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