Thursday, July 3, 2008

How the time flies when you are at home, slaving away at work! Nothing spectacular to report, but some nice scenic shots that you just might enjoy?

When loading up dead moose on the roadside, you can stumble on some nice fields of flowers ...
Went for a hike up the Little Yoho Valley, past Marpole lake, and past Twin Falls.

This was a 'work' patrol, by the way, just so you don't start to think I would do these things just for fun.

Twin Falls (in case you couldn't guess!)
I was also out at my Sundre place - to cut the grass, of course, and we made a side trip out to the Ya Ha Tinda ranch. There we did a short hike to check out Bighorn falls - that I last visited on Christmas day, when it was mostly frozen.

Harley knows there are a lot of dogs out at the ranch, so he opted to take an easy day off at home.I also had to spend a few hours (working again) up at Moraine lake last week, so I snapped a few quick pics there as well.
Part of the scene that used to be on the back of the old $20 bill ...

I finally got around to taking the new 5th wheel on a shakedown weekend trip, and spent my first nights in it, so that will be updated in the next entry.

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