Monday, July 14, 2008

Well, it took quite a while; and there were a few false starts, but I finally had the time to hook onto the new fifth wheel and take it for a short run. The rig itself was all ready to travel from the start, but it is all those little things you need to have along that make the trip work.
So, there I was, emptying drawers and cupboards from the camper, and dumping them in what I thought were equivalent locations in the 5er! Of course, there is a LOT more room in the fiver, and you still have a virtually empty truck box to deal with, so some of the optional items - like firewood - got to come along for the ride even if I did not use any this time. Too windy at the best times for a fire.

We headed up on the Icefields Parkway from home, stopped for a photo op at Bow Lake, and continued on out to Abraham lake outside the national park - where most of the camping is Free!I picked a spot I have stayed in a few times before. Great view all around, if a bit exposed to the west wind. No bugs, tho!
View south from the slideout.
Another shot, showing some of the neighbors - who told me that they have been camping here for the last 20 years.

Harley was glad to be along as usual, and he seemed to get over the excessive space with not too much difficulty.Laying in front of the fireplace!

Checking out the mattress. It seemed to meet his approval.Then of course, there are a myriad of exciting new compartments to be checked out.

(Click on any photo for a larger view)

As usual, my camera was attracted to the bumper crop of Tiger Lilies in the area.

Some of the butterflies were also attracted.

All in all, the first run with the 5th wheel went very smoothly, with no major omissions or problems. It still needs to have a power inverter installed so I can use a few more 110V items, and it wouldn't hurt to have some solar capability, and some of those 6V golf cart batteries.
Because of the wind, I never had a chance to deploy the awning, but everything I used worked well, including the shower - with a skylight!
I couldn't get any wi-fi signal at the 'usual' location, but much to my surprise the phone in my truck worked just fine. Still not sure if it is finding a distant cell signal, or whether it is using satellite! Forgot to test it in a 'guaranteed no cell service' area on the way back home.

Next entry: Back to the camper, and the Merritt Mountain Music Festival.

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