Sunday, January 4, 2009

The rash of road wreckage continued after Christmas.
The roads were generally icy, but no matter how much sand was applied, it blows clear and reverts to being very slippery again.
All the holiday travelers are in a hurry to get somewhere, and some may not even have winter tires! Got called to a wreck here in the morning, but was quite surprised to get another call to the same spot in the afternoon. The holes in the snowbank were side by side. If the morning vehicle had not been towed out, it would be touching the vehicle in the picture. And this was on a straight stretch.
In another ugly wreck, it appears that this minivan was hit by a jacknifed semi truck sliding down the hill right across the road.
We had five ambulances on scene, and fire departments from both neighboring provinces. The weather was bad and the STARS helicopter could not respond.
Last I heard, everyone pulled through.

It was time for me to get out of there, so I headed out to my place in the (quiet) country.
This is the Trans Canada Highway, looking west towards the mountains, on New Years eve.
We celebrated the new year in Sundre, then on the first I headed out to my 'other' place.

Looks like it is still standing - Thanks to my neighbors for keeping an eye on things for me!
Ah, yes; peace and quiet - even if a bit on the cold side; and I had to shovel snow!

At least the driveway was freshly plowed.

And there was no grass to mow!
My new little trees are poking throgh the snow.
Deer tracks.
My well creates a little spring in the front yard and it is a popular deer watering hole - as you can see by the tracks coming from all directions.
Bridge over the James River.
And, some horses out in the pasture on my trip home.
Here's hoping it is about 5 weeks till I can head south for a few months!

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