Friday, December 26, 2008

Jingle Bells, Noel Noel and all that. Feliz Navidad.
I know that I should be in Mexico, or at least California or Arizona, but alas, I am still at home, suffering from the cold instead of avoiding sunburn, like I should be.

Christmas eve brought a rash of wrecks on the roads, but fortunatley, no injuries were reported. We got called to 3 wrecks at once in the late afternoon. One pickup (below) managed to jump the guardrail, rip off a wheel, flip twice, and end up in the ditch with no injuries. We let the ambulance check out the people and dog - just to be sure.

Another collision at the same spot proved minor and the participants exchanged information and carried on; one had to change a flat tire as a result. And another driver hit the ditch just down the road.
After clearing up those, another car reported hitting a deer, so I spent some time unsuccessfully searching for wildlife victims.

How did you spend your Christmas? Here's how I spent mine, after I quit working the day shift.
Here's how the roof of the fifth wheel looked, as I just started to shovel off the snow. And I know that snow and fifth wheels should never ever be in the same sentence!

Next is a view of the truck camper roof - from the fifth wheel roof.
Fifth wheel roof almost shoveled clear. Merry merry Christmas.
The 5'er from the roof of the truck camper - whose small solar panel keeps the battery charged, if I keep the snow off it.
And, the bigger solar panels that do a great job of keeping the batteries in the 5th charged right up.
On Christmas, I went out again in the daylight to search for the deer that may have been injured in the collision with the car. First I spotted the coyote, then I found the eaten remains of a deer, then I spotted the wolf pack lounging on a hillside nearby, so I know they had enjoyed their holiday feast. There is a good chance that they were chasing the deer when it was hit on the highway. They were too far away for a useful picture with my little camera, but I have some pictures to post as I brought a friend for a look.

Just missed seeing the whole pack today on a nearby highway - maybe tomorrow.

It's pretty quiet around the house now, without the little furry guy following me around telling me his cat tales. Miss you lots, Harley.


  1. I think you are very lucky to have had such a good buddy. I've had my share and still miss all of them.

  2. I think you are very lucky to have had such a good buddy. I've had my share and still miss all of them.