Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of my 'usual' stops along the Oregon coast is Beverly Beach State Park. It is a very nice and well cared-for campground, with really reasonable rates.I have watched the bridge out front along the beach being replaced over the last several years. First they had to erect a temporary bridge on the beach side to carry traffic during construction, then remove and replace the bridge with a new one, then remove the temporary structure.
Well, they are almost done. One last support for the temporary bridge can be seen in the background, but it appears it is mostly landscaping that remains to be done.
Just a few miles further south is Newport, home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.Okay, that first one is not my pic, but the rest are!

It features a ton of fish, birds, sea mammals, in some pretty natural environments.
A couple of eels.
Some rays - that you can pet, if you wish.
Some jelly-fish - wouldn't want to be diving near them!

And, some sharks above, below, and both sides of you. You walk right through the middle of some of the displays. These guys are right above my head.
Sea Otters doing what sea otters do.

Video of some underwater birds. Murres, right Garry?

Okay, here's the bridge in Waldport. But for a hands-on feel to it, click HERE for a google maps 'street-view' version of it! It's pretty wild.
Sunset from Yachats, Or.
Another weird one for you! Here is a tunnel near Sea Lion Caves on the coast road. There was some construction, so I was stopped by the 'flagger' for a couple of minutes. Who would have guessed that Google would have this on 'street-view' as well. Well, check it out.
While you are doing that, I have to get driving and taking some more photos, and perhaps e-mailing some folks back home :-).

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