Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My apologies to the good people of Golden Shores, Arizona, but when I drove up beside this (mobile?) house, it struck me as somewhat typical of some areas of southern California/Arizona.

The style seems to be a low chain-link fence with a mean dog inside. This one fit the bill to a 'T'.
If you look closely at the mound of gravel at the corner of the fence, you can tell it has been formed by countless full speed rushes at that corner by the resident pit bull, who is watching me carefully, and loudly.We had just crossed the line from California over the Colorado river, between Hoover and Parker Dams, and enjoyed the ensuing 2 hour time change when daylight savings time change occurred just as I crossed over the line. Talk about jet-lag without going anywhere!

They are nice in these parts, and they even apologize for their hills blocking the scenery!
A portion of this National Wildlife Refuge had also been recently burned, but the fishers were still out testing the backwaters, for - Catfish, would be my guess?
Just north of Lake Havasu City is a popular BLM camp spot where I have stayed before, and no doubt will stay again. We spent several days here, day-tripping to see the sights of the area, including the much-hyped London Bridge.
Some of my neighbors - many of which were from Ab and Bc.
Other resident neighbors who would come out to enjoy the morning sunshine, just like me.

Further up Craggy Wash are more private site selections.
Which I generally chose.
I think this was the day my furnace at home quit, freezing and bursting the pipes, and flooding the basement! Nothing to do but have another beer.
And watch the fire at sundown.
The next day, the plan was to climb a lofty peak in the area!
And so I climbed.
And climbed. So high that I thought I could see home. Then I realized that it was - Home Depot, just past the airport in the distance!
At the top, it was evident that it was not likely a 'first ascent'.
In spite of that, I named the peak, "Mt Craggy Wash".

On the way home I took the long way around, making it close to a 6 or 7 mile hike.
Lake Havasu's finest dealing with some speeder, who just happened to pull up beside where I was sitting. Guy #1 was on a motorbike, parked out of sight behind the van.
And a rabbit, trying to figure out why that drainage pipe used to be so easy to fit into ...
Sunset, which happened promptly at either 4PM or 7Pm, or ... ? Depending on what time zone you happened to be in. My iphone kept picking up alternate signals from California and Arizona, so it would change time, several times a day.
In case you haven't seen this new type of gang activity before, you might want to check out this grainy video I was able to take surreptitiously of this group out looking for trouble. Not sure if they were related to the Hell's Angels or not. You be the judge.

Next: if I survive this gang, on to Quartzsite!

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