Monday, March 16, 2009

Umm, lets see. The next stop was the Yuma Air Show! Lots of exotic and huge aircraft, flying stunts, and tons of displays.
This truck is set on a pallet padded with corrugated cardboard - ready to be dropped by parachute from a C-130 or C-17.
One of the war birds.
F-18's that took part in the demo flights.

Yuma police have some nice toys!
I watched this super cub actually LAND on this rack on top of the truck, and later took off as well. Yes, the truck was moving on the runway at the time.
One of the umanned drones in use by the military.
The finale of the show was a simulation of the Japanese 'Tora Tora' attack on Pearl Harbor, using authentic planes that had been restored for a movie. Lots of explosions and fire.

At the end, a 'wall of fire' was set off, that was designed to more than double the previous Guinness record. I never heard whether or not that had been achieved.
I had been attempting to get the jump on the traffic on departure, so had made it to the camper in the parking lot to watch the last act. As luck would have it, this took place directly in front of me and a lot closer than anyone in the main viewing area. I even got on the roof of the camper for the best possible look, but it was tough to juggle several cameras while trying to follow about 10 WWII fighters doing repeated passes.Incidentally, there were a couple of retired servicemen in the crowd who had been at the original Pearl Harbor that was no recreation. No word on their impression of this version.

Where to; next? I think that would have to be Anza-Borrego State Park in California.

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