Wednesday, April 8, 2009

After the tortoise sighting in Quartzsite, it was all downhill. The town is in it's advanced stages of shutting down for the summer. Many of the winter-time shops have closed up and gone home, leaving just the more hardy of those dealing discount tools, minerals, and RV parts.

Not coincidentally, this was sort of the start of my migration reluctantly northward.

After all, there is now some bare pavement showing up in the neighbourhood back home!

Next place to the north is Parker, AZ. They must have big plans for expansion because their 'city limits' signs are fully 13 MILES from the very edge of town! Perhaps they are just trying to be bigger than Biggar, Saskatchewan?

After Parker, and the dam of the same name, is Lake Havasu, and the city of that same name.
Unlike Quartzsite, Lake Havasu City is apparently booming, and it looks like spring break is getting under way?

Much of the action is concentrated on a short section of channel, right beside the famous London Bridge. All the fancy boats and their owners park gunwale to gunwale, and try to outdo each other with loud music, loud mufflers, and skimpy bikinis.

I chatted to the guys polishing this ship, who informed me that EACH of the two engines alone were worth in excess of $100,000US. I guess business is good somewhere!
Many of the lesser ships parked side by side for the days showing off and bragging rights.

In a slightly quieter end of the channel, is the London Bridge itself.
Needless to say, there is a fairly heavy police presence to make sure things do not get out of control. They have some nice boats, motorcycles, and evidently even a police golf cart or two.
I don't know what crime the young lady in question is alleged to have committed, but the 'bracelets' she is wearing probably don't go well with her bathing attire.Not all the boats are that fancy, however, and not all of them are in the water.
At my usual Lake Havasu camping area at Craggy Wash, there was even a boat that was being put to good dry land use as an RV. Or perhaps the owner was just heeding the 'flash flood' warnings posted all about?And in case some of you thought I was high tech, I spotted this rig with a record 3 satellite dishes in use. Now that's camping!
But after the relative zoo down at the waterfront, it is a peaceful respite to come back to a quiet camp and relax.
Here is my camp spot this time. Even Craggy Wash has fewer campers than when I was here last.
I thought there was a camper somewhere in this photo, but I can't seem to spot it now!
I believe it was an ex-military guy?
And the best thing about it ... there is a sunset almost every night!

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