Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tok, Alaska

It's been a bit of a challenge, finding time and Internet up here!
No Roger's cell service anywhere in Yukon. Using some ATT in Alaska.
Taking Lots of photos for later posting
Great weather, very few bugs!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The good weather continues, and the scenic photo ops often prove irressistible - even when I get to see this landscape all year long, and have done so for quite a few years!
This is Castle Mountain, formerly known as Mt Eisenhower. It is half way between Banff and Lake Louise.

Another couple of shots of the Bow Lake area, north of Lake Louise.

Out west in Yoho National Park, the tiger lilies are outdoing themselves.

This group of five was showing off right along the Trans Canada highway. Because road construction in the area results in periods of no traffic followed by huge line-ups, I was able to take my time with these photos, as it was during the brief 'no traffic' period.The day has finally arrived to head north to the Yukon and Alaska!

I thought the day would never arrive. But it did.

Due to different posting techniques and technology limitations, posts during the trip may be somewhat sporadic. But what I hope to do fairly regularly - perhaps even several times a day - is to take a photo with my iPhone and post it directly to the blog with a minimal description.
But, there may well be spells of a few days with no posts made, so I hope it will average out somewhat?
We are headed out today after work and headed for Jasper, where a decision has to be made to follow the Cassiar highway or the Alaska highway on the northbound leg. I suspect it will be the latter.
And hey, don't forget to check out some of the Google advertisements on this blog - they pay me when you do!
The weather has finally taken a turn for the better, and we have actually had a few days of sun!In spite of the nice day time temps, I have seen frost on the roofs of the houses in my neighborhood in the mornings.
Bow Lake, north of Lake Louise always provides camera temptation on a sunny, calm day.

Makes you wonder which way is up?
That's Num Ti Jah lodge in the background - with the red roof.

And even a couple of videos for a change!

The big news is - it's only a few days before we take off for 3 weeks in the Yukon and Alaska!
You can bet the camera will be busy on this trip. What I am not sure about however is how often I will be able to find some wi-fi to upload the postings? I can now send short updates directly from my phone, but I suspect that Roger's coverage in the Yukon will be almost non-existent?

So stick around and we'll see how it goes. If nothing else, there will be lots of material for when I get back!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer at work has been grinding along slowly, but we finally made it to July.
This means that it was time to pack up the 5th wheel (for a change), and head west to the Merritt Mountain Music Festival in Merritt, BC.

We headed out in the evening and did not want to drive all the way, so a suitable camp was located just north of Revelstoke, along the lake of the same name. There was some light rain during the night, but it was a very quiet spot, and sleeping-in in the morning was the order of the day.

In spite of picking the roadside camp spot in the dark, morning revealed that it was a nice flat spot, with a decent lake view.
The two slides in the rear of the trailer make it very spacious and luxurious indeed.Later in the day, we completed the trip to Merritt, topped up on some fresh water, and headed for the grounds where we had a reserved camp spot on the festival grounds - among the usual group of friends who congregate there each year. Thanks to Brenda for booking us sites backing onto the Coldwater river! The rarely-used 5th wheel certainly proved itself to provide the ultimate in space, comfort and convenience.

If you look closely by the leg of the camper (you may have to click on it for a larger view), you may see the subject of a recent post question! Yes, it is the highly technical and dangerous solar-powered light. Don't tell any one, but I moved and installed it in Merritt - all without qualified technicians, eye protection, or a safe work area!
During the main stage event, I found myself spotlighted by a laser advertising light for the Vancouver Province newspaper. That's my shadow, photo taken at night without a flash.
There I am again.
And, on the way out, a silhouette of myself and a certain young lady who does not want her image to appear on the blog. But I guess her shadow would be OK?

Sometimes it is quite interesting to see who visits your blog - and where they come from - and what they were searching for!

Here's a few interesting recent visitors:

West Linn, Oregon arrived from on "Roadtrip '09: April 2008" by searching for oregon cape lookout state park a strange house wired.

Lots of people have traveled the Oregon coast and taken a small coastal road near Tillamook. Obviously, many including me have noticed a house on this road surrounded by razor wire and surveillance cameras. I put photos on my blog last year, and people are finding it as above!

Staten Island, New York arrived from on "Roadtrip '09" by searching for santispac zulema.

Likewise, a certain bartender in a Mexican beach restaurant has impressed a few folks. If you search Google images as above you will find two photos of her and I; one on my blog, and one on another RV'ers blog

La Habana, Camaguey arrived from on "Roadtrip '09: July 2008" by searching for yaha tinda bighorn falls campground.
I suspect this may be a case of a Canadian on vacation in Cuba wanting to find this camping area on the east boundary of Banff National Park? Or perhaps it is a curious Cuban who has read about this?

Kuwait arrived from on "Roadtrip '09: March 2008".
Someone from Kuwait looking at pics from last year's trip south!

The countdown is ON!
Very very soon the 5th wheel will be parked and the truck camper will be back on the truck, and we will be headed north to the Yukon and Alaska for a few weeks!
I'm not sure how much internet access will be available along the way, but rest assured that lots of photos will be taken, and they will be posted as soon as practical.
(Above pics from website)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I guess I was getting ahead of myself an didn't know it! I found this draft blog posting complete with photos, sitting unused. It is mostly just some scenic photos from around the Lake Louise area - including some bears!
Above and below are two shots of Bow Lake, taken from near Num Ti Jah lodge.

These shots are from the Saskatchewan Crossing area; where the north Saskatchewan river crosses the Icefields Parkway (Hwy 93).

Waterfowl Lake, about 45km north of Lake Louise.

A very nice Parks Canada sign - that has been laying on the ground, apparently for several years now! Welcome to Overflow Camping!

Near Castle Mountain, between Banff and Lake Louise.
Grizzly bear grazing on the CP rail mainline - west of Lake Louise.
The spilled grain along the rails is now sprouting, which attracts the wildlife to the tracks. Fortunately, the bears usually get off the rails when a train approaches ...
Young raven finding shelter in an old shed.
Video of bear grazing on grain growing between the rails.

Next post - off to the Merritt Mountain Music Festival in Merritt, BC.