Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In northern California, I took the secondary highway for a more relaxed, slower view at these incredible trees. Your neck hurts from looking up so much.
My truck informed me that my fuel filter had very little life remaining, so after fueling up in Brookings, Oregon, I went across the street to an 'Oil Can Henry's' and asked if they would install the filter I had with me. For $25, they were happy to do so, and managed to get at it without resorting to going through the wheel well. After they finished and I was back inside, I noticed this video screen with shots of the front, underside and side of my truck where it sat there. Cool!
You may have to click on the photo to see it properly.Along the coast are many private driveways and access roads. Most have some sort of 'private' signs to deter the tourists, but some go a little further to get their point across - like this one.
It must have been an extra-high tide or a storm surge as I drove this section of coast.
Many sections of the coast have huge accumulations of driftwood on the shore, and some of it you can tell has not moved for years, evn though all the corners are rounded and worn down.
In this area however, many of these large chunks of wood were actively being tossed about with every wave that came in.

There were loud thuds and bumps as these heavy, sodden peices of wood bashed together with every wave. You most definitely would not want to be walking on these logs or be in the water when this was going on. Fortunately, I remembered to take some video!

I was just out on the road again puttering along slowly as traffic was fairly light, well below the speed limit when I saw lights and heard a siren behind me. I pulled over and the Oregon state trooper car kept on going at high speed. A bit further up the road I found out what all the fuss was about. Because of the rain, some mud and rocks had come down on the road - as is very common here.
Not that much was on the road, but it was on a bit of a curve, and could have caused quite a problem. Once again, it reminded me of doing exactly the same thing back at work.

I pulled over in a pull-off just up the road to watch the waves some more, when all three trooper cars pulled in beside me to discuss the situation - which had since been taken care of by a fleet of plow trucks from ODOT.
Found this old burner abandoned along the Pistol River road as I was scouting around for a quiet spot to spend the night.


  1. What was the purpose of that burner?


  2. What was the purpose of that burner?


  3. That is an area of the US I really want to visit. Riding through the Redwoods would be awesome.