Friday, September 16, 2011

Never a dull Moment

Yikes!  I shudder to see how long it has been since the last update.  I do have a few excuses, however and have been busy taking in the sights, and in some areas without decent internet connections.

I think that I was in the Revelstoke area when I left off the last entry?  Well, from there it was back to Lake Louise to check for any left-over mail, and to visit the old office and see who was around.  Hailey did a tour of the place and made a few friends.  Then it was decision time again.  i could have headed back to Sundre, but then I remembered the Jasper rodeo was on that weekend, so headed north instead.  It used to be a real big deal when I lived there, with four rodeo performances, and dances Thursday(?), Friday, and Saturday nights.  And you had to get a ticket early for the Saturday night dance.  I also competed in the rodeo when I lived there, and have a couple of rodeo buckles to prove it!  But things have changed Sad smile.  The horse packing event was only on Thursday and Friday nights, so I missed that entirely.  Now, there is only a rodeo dance on Saturday night, and few of my old crowd bothered to show up.  Notwithstanding, I did get to chat with a lot of old friends.  It was a nice day for a hike up to Mt Edith Cavell, and a look at the Angel glacier.


Next, I visited my old station on Maligne Lake where I lived for three years.  Nice to see that they have replaced the old diesel generator with solar power, and they have finally replaced my old boat with a new one!CIMG6439CIMG6435CIMG6438CIMG6440

I was lucky enough to time my visit when the present staff were doing a patrol of the lake, and got to go along for the ride!


Of course, a visit to world famous ‘Spirit Island’ was in order.  Nice to see that Maligne Tours has built a new solar powered washroom facility down there for their guests.CIMG6450CIMG6454

The following day, I took a drive out along the Celestine fire road, to see the sights and see how the new pipeline had impacted the park.


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  1. What a beautiful area! How nice you got to catch a ride on the boat.