Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perspective …

Why is it that temps around freezing seem warm in the spring (if you’ve been spending it up north), and well, freezing in the fall?  It’s all in the perspective!

Same with fuel prices.  Today I was thrilled (!) to find fuel at the Fred Meyers in Brookings Oregon at $4.09, which I could get at $4.06 with my Freddies card!  But that’s only because I knew it would cost me around $4.29 as soon as I crossed into California.  We’re talking diesel prices here, BTW.

And, after fighting a headwind up a hill, getting 17L/100km seems like a bonus.

Yesterday, we were getting set up to perhaps spend the night at the Walmart in Coos Bay/North Bend, but they now have anti-camping signs which can likely be ignored, but who likes to get kicked out anyway?  And the alternative, at the Mill Bay Casino is right by the main highway, and can be very noisy.  So we turned off on a random road near Reedsport and found a perfectly adequate spot for overnighting near a restored marsh along the Smith River Road.  Another location to add to our growing database of decent camp spots – where the price is right.  In the morning, we rolled in to Reedsport and had breakfast, picked up a few groceries at Safeway, fueled up at $3.76 (it’s all relative), and refilled a propane tank. 

I learned something new today while filling up.  The lady at the ‘full service’ pump, which is all you can find in Oregon, told me that we diesel customers can actually serve ourselves legally in Oregon, although certain stations may not let you.  It’s only those gasoline customers who must be served by law in Oregon!

It was a bit grey and overcast today, which was just fine for driving, but it did not inspire me to whip out the camera very much.  Well, not at all as it turns out.  So yesterday, I had way too many photos to post on the blog, today I have none.  That’s why you are forced to read this and not just look at the pictures!

Then when I tried to get on the computer this morning, I found that Hailey was already on it!


Same thing happened this evening – she was on the computer again!  I may have to look into some of those ‘parental’ controls or limit her time on the computer if this becomes an ongoing problem!


Because the weather today was not all that inviting to stop and look at the scenery or smell the roses, we kept on rolling through Coos Bay, Bandon, Port Orford, Gold Beach, and Brookings, where we topped off the tanks again before the higher prices of California.

We managed to run California ‘customs’ with our bananas and strawberries intact, and carried on down the coast past Crescent City, and Orick.  I have some good camp spots around Orick, but two of the three are better for truck camper than 5th wheel, and the last place is not that easy to get into when it is getting dark – which it was.  It will be nice in another week when the days finally start to get longer again.  So we kept on moving, and finally set up ‘camp’ at the very nice casino parking area near Trinidad.

My time’s up!  Hailey wants back on the laptop!


  1. Good thing your not traveling with a Hippopotamus or that computer could have been squashed flat. Of course some computers are built stronger than others, right......

  2. I love that cat. she is so funny. Makes me miss mine that used to travel with us for many years. You must stop in at Dog Pound South if you are in the area Ivan. I would be great to meet you in person since we only live about a half hour away from each other back home. We have lots of room and hook up for you.

  3. Yep definitely put DPS on one of your camp site lists.

  4. Hailey is warming up her butt.... she's a smart girl.

  5. Glad you are on the road again since I enjoy your Blog very much. Enjoy the weather!

  6. I paid $3.04 for unleaded today in my home town...I hope it will go below $3 soon..that would be a great BOOST to the economy for us working stiffs!! Have a safe trip down.

  7. It is always smile time when I open your blog and there is Harley...glad you are on the road and I can once again follow your adventures