Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow-free and Southbound

It didn’t take long to get over the disappointment of losing Hailey’s catnip plant at the border, and we were soon on our way south.  We picked up I-5 near Bellingham and stopped for the night at the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, Wa for the night.  Since it was Sunday, the next day was an easy cruise through both Seattle and Portland, with a quick stop at the Fry’s electronics to pick up some new memory cards for the cameras. 

Most diesel fuel was priced around $4/gal in the area, but we lucked out with some for $3.76 just out of Portland.  Of course Oregon, with it’s full serve stations is not a problem for Canadian credit cards, but I also lucked out when we filled up north of Seattle, and didn’t have to dance the zip code dance there either.

The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Or has a nice big parking lot, so we took advantage of their hospitality again.  I have toured both of their exhibits in the past and they are both well worth the visit.  When I was there a couple of years ago, they had a 747 just sitting out in a field, and I was able to walk all around it and take photos of it.


Now, they have it sitting on top of an entirely new building – which is a waterpark!!??  Not sure how they got it up there?CIMG7311

From there it is just a short drive to the coast, and we have been moving slowly southward, revisiting familiar areas and checking out new spots.  Not far from the museum, I contemplated dumping Hailey, but there were complications!


So, I decided to just buy more cat food and keep her!

Soon, we were on the coast and the weather was just excellent for mid-winter.  Clear, sunny skies and light winds were the order of the day.  At one of my ‘undisclosed’ oceanfront view camp spots, CIMG7319

I watched the golden sunset, and was pleased to also watch a pod of whales spouting regularly as they moved along the coast.  I also counted 19 fishing boats within sight, as I think the crab season had just opened.  Quite a difference compared to when I spent two weeks on the gulf of Mexico coast last January and only saw one boat the whole time, and that was an oil rig service vessel.

At Newport, fishing vessels were busy passing in and out of the harbour with their catches, and the Coast guard was conducting some training on towing vessels – as they were towing one of their own into the harbour.PC130268PC130271PC130269

Hailey kept a sharp eye out for gulls while we were stopped.


The breakwater rocks had some interesting forms.CIMG7326CIMG7327CIMG7328CIMG7330

Further down the coast, near the Sea Lion Caves


there were groups of them out in the water swimming and cavorting in groups.  Hailey wanted to check them out further, but was prevented by the big cliff and the darn leash!


I must say, I sure miss all the snow and cold, and the box of my truck so full of snow, I couldn’t tell what was in there!  I guess I am safe now to dump out my pail of ‘insurance’ gravel that I brought from home?CIMG7345CIMG7346CIMG7347PC120256PC120257PC120258PC120262PC120264PC120263CIMG7314CIMG7315

That’s it for now.  Check back later to see where we are!


  1. Obviously Hailey made her feelings known regarding your comment about dumping her!! (AS IF!) Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Oregon coast. There is a video of the plane lift on the Museum website if you go to the water park page. It's pretty cool. Enjoy your trip.

  2. I can't believe it is such a problem around there that they have to have a sign not to dump your cat. lol.

    Travel Safe
    Brenda Brown

  3. I can't believe it is such a problem around there that they have to have a sign not to dump your cat. lol.

    Travel Safe
    Brenda Brown

  4. Looks like Hailey is laughing at the idea of dumping her. There is nothing like the Oregon coast when the sun is shining.