Thursday, February 16, 2012

Desert Time?

Or, maybe just time is standing still?  Can’t believe that I have not posted for 10 days now.

But there was just not that much going on for me in the Ajo area. Sent the heli up one morning for a look into the mine pit from the south side.  The town of Ajo is visible on the far side.  The pit is almost a mile across at this point. P2121581P2121572P2121586

Took a hike up the lower slopes of a mountain to the east, and discovered another cactus-protected burrow of some small desert dweller.


The view back towards Locomotive rock and Ajo peak.P2111557P2111558

And some views of the mine pit and tailings piles to the north.


I found some tracks of a cloven-hoofed animal, and some minor scratching and digging in the soil that I assume was a javelina or peccary.


Sent the heli over to have a look in the front door of a cactus burrow, but could not see any occupants inside.P2101538P2101542P2081475

And what would the end of this short post be without at least one sunset photo?P2081483

Next: On the road, and meeting up with some more northern neighbours and bloggers!


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  3. What did they mine out of this big hole in the earth?

  4. Check this link about drones: