Thursday, November 22, 2012


The next day, the winds had abated considerably, and the rain had reduced to ‘almost’ 100% probability, so it was time to move on.  We had to decide whether to continue on down the coast, as is our norm, or head inland for a speedier departure.  The casino in Florence provided the next nights parking spot, after a quick run in the rain to register with security.  From there it was a direct shot to Eugene on I-5, but the coast deserved one more chance.

But since the rains continued pretty much constantly, at Reedsport the decision was made to head for the freeway and make a mile.

Even though I-5 is the freeway, which I normally avoid, it did provide a change of scenery that I had not seen in some time.  But I don’t think it was a fuel saver (other than less expensive prices) with the numerous steep mountain passes on the way to the California line.

My green grapes did not interest the inspectors at the California ‘fruit customs’, so we breezed through there, straight into a nice view of Mt Shasta, already wearing her winter whites.


At the first inviting turnoff, we got off the main drag and headed into the California hills with perhaps Susanville in our sights.  Since it was getting near dusk with these very short days we started to watch out for good campspots along the way.

The forest service campground we found was closed and locked for the season, but we quickly found a nearby spot hidden in the woods to spend the night.


Hailey spotted some birds or squirrels outside in the morning sun (!!!), and had to get out to keep them all honest.  She was glad she did not have to wade through deep snow or freeze her toes, like her last few outdoor experiences back home.


In the morning, we had a look around at the nearby Lower Falls viewpoint and picnic area.


The garbage bins looked somewhat familiar, and sure enough, they are imported from Lethbridge, Alberta.PB226833

Well, the sun is shining, the roads are bare and dry – I wonder what we will see or where we will end up today?

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