Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cattle Camp

The campground was closed at Lower Falls in the Trinity-Shasta National Forest, but we found a nearby spot in the woods that worked fine.  We checked out some of the short hikes and viewpoints in the area including more waterfalls and a small dam.  As we were heading back out to the main road (89), we happened across another campground that was open.  Though we don’t often stay in campgrounds, it is nice to drive through some of them and take a look anyway.  This one was regularly $15, but was closed/open for the winter!  CIMG8354CIMG8355

There were just two other rigs in residence, and the place was nice with tall pines, and along the river as well.  With the open/closed price we just couldn’t resist.  After a slow start and dawdling along at some other viewpoints, it was already getting on in the day 3:30PM +-, so we just pulled in and stopped.  This with the knowledge that it would put us well behind schedule!  Now we only have 152.5 days to see everything else we wanted to see this winter!  Another hard day on the road – all of 15km (9miles).  The bush was pretty damp, but using our best Boy Scout skills, a cheery fire was soon burning to ward off the evening chill.  It was our first campground of the season, and first fire.

In the morning, with a hot coffee in hand, it was back on the road, and everyone assumed their traveling positions.


There had been some frost overnight, and some slash fires further down the valley had created some interesting smoke patterns in the calm air.PB226840PB226838PB226835

Susanville was an opportunity to have a bite to eat, and pick up a few groceries and miscellaneous items, as well as just a splash of diesel so we could make it to the cheaper stuff across the line in Reno.  I guess I could have poured in the 5 gallons in the back, but whatever.  From Reno, after fueling up and getting some propane, it was south to Carson City. In spite of the well below night time temps, it looks like we will be headed down the 395 back into eastern California …


  1. Looks like some beautiful country, safe travels.

  2. Did you think to check for any eligible Susans in Susanville??

  3. oh so glad you are on the road again..this is my what 6th year following you
    looking forward to your adventures from Atlanta, Ga