Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another year done gone.

Well,  it is now 2013 whether you like it or not!  I thought the change to the new year might bring with it a renewed desire to blog?

Well sorry to report, that does not appear to have happened.

I need photos on the blog to remind me of what to write, but there were few photos being taken, so I need not write about them.

As per the ‘plan’, after one night on Ogilby Road, we hauled ourselves right into Yuma, where a whole batch of cousins, second cousins, and even more third cousins had assembled to celebrate the holidays.  Well, that was fun of course, and I sure did enjoy the long showers and huge hot tub at the West Wind resort, but the camera seems to have been forgotten somewhere along the way.  I did get my flat trailer tire fixed at Walmart for all of $10. and pretty much ‘freelanced’ parking spots on the outskirts of Yuma, which presented no problems or hassles at all – other than lacking the conveniences of a properly set up camp – and privacy, and quiet.

One thing I did think I would check out or possibly take advantage of was the much-hyped Boxing Day sales, where one can pick up bargains for next to nothing.  Wanting to be duly prepared, I got the Sunday papers, where all the sales would be trumpeted in bold, I thought.  Well, perhaps Yuma is not Phoenix or LA, but it does have 2-3 Walmarts, so that must count for something?  I didn’t see any great bargains advertised, but undaunted – since I am rarely in an urban area when such opportunities come along – I still set out on BD, ready to fight the crowds and wrestle for the last deal.  I hit the WM, the Best Buy, the Target, and Sam’s Club, and not a line-up did I see, not a bargain anywhere, and no fights for the last one of anything.  What’s going on here?  Did someone forget to tell Yumans to put things on sale?  Well, on the bright side, I didn’t spend a dime. 

Another thing that kept me busy was doing some undercover work, to monitor the nefarious ATV people.  I was able, through deception and intrigue, infiltrate one of their clans – known to range fast and furious with dust and noise over otherwise peaceful desert landscapes.CIMG8557CIMG8556CIMG8554CIMG8547CIMG8546CIMG8555CIMG8544

Through my actions, I can attest that no desert tortoises were pursued, no rattle snakes had to rattle, and no little old ladies were run over.  For a time, it almost seemed like, we were family!  I cannot reveal the secret handshake however.  Having done my undercover stint, you may be glad to know I am now back at my primary role – that of infiltrating the subtle, quiet, laid-back appearing, desert RV boondocker.

After my stint in the big city I entered the desert witness protection program, back out at an undisclosed location, not too far off Ogilby Rd.  While poor memory may be more of a factor than health, either way I was about to brag that I had not even had a cold (that I could remember), or flu or anything in 2012, all that came to a bitter reality end on December 28th at 08:40 AM.  I think I had detected a very slight sore throat, which then manifested itself into a bit of a stuffy nose for a couple of days, and an overwhelming desire to sit in a chair and stare at the desert scenery for a few days.  I even broke down and took a tylenol.  How much worse can things get! 

Since the holiday season is now officially over, most of the ATV gangs have left the country, and the dust has settled, and silence has returned to much of the wilderness.

But other people have been busy, I see.  Jean & Skip have had poor Louie’s tail to contend with, John & Brenda have been on some more good trail rides, but a bit too close to the cactus at times, the Bayfield Bunch will soon be featured on a home decorating reality show – after all the work they are doing at their place near Congress.  And RV Sue is apparently somewhere still in the neighbourhood after having moved camp and having her own run-in with the ‘ATV people’!

After relocating, in a bit more of a remote location since
Christmas, I still receive about 20 TV stations, but not a single one is in English!

I’ve been getting quite a few spam comments on the blog of late, and don’t want to turn on the dreaded verification thing, anyone know of another way?  At least most of the spam comments are from posts in the distant past, so most people will never seem them anyway …  I suppose I could just go to ‘moderate’ comments?

And, I don’t want to complain, but I think it is time to turn the heat up out here.  And send the wind over to Palm Springs, where they have the windmills.CIMG8502


  1. Hm, I keep forgetting to check for spam comments on past posts. Thanks for the reminder. See? Even without pictures, there was something worthwhile.

  2. I've noticed that simplifying my life possessions to ready for RV living has taken all the "fun" out of shopping. I am plagued by the nagging question "Where will I ever put it?" Yep it took all the remaining fun out of shopping!

  3. Turn on moderation for posts over 30 days old.

  4. Sounds like you are having fun out there in the desert. I just do what Neil does and delete them as they come. I am pretty quick with the "del" key anyway.

  5. I figure that cold of yours is a direct result of fraternizing with the humanoids. I have worked hard over the years at avoiding that two legged germ source:)) There is another RV Blogger out here that may have a Chopper like yours. He's a Canadian from near Cambridge Ontario, is a pilot & is in the Tucson area now. I met him in Goderich Ontario in October of 2011. That was a very courageous venture you were on heading into that Yuma shopping territory. Narrowly missed earning yourself a Purple Heart there. Many men have been been dragged into those raucus crowds & never been seen again. I think you dodged a 'madness' bullet there..........

  6. Ah, Ivan the wind is already here and blustery in Palm Springs - no need to send more! Happy New Year and wonderful that you could get together with extended family....

  7. Glad to hear you're having some excellent adventures. Happy New Year!

  8. You can set the blog up so that comments only show up for the first 10 days then they show in your email up as awaiting approval. Can't remember what I did to do that but since I'm on blogger, you should be able to do that! Cold here -11 and windy, however your brother just landed in Antigua so doubt if he is cold!

  9. Figured it out.. click on settings... if you have the new blogger it's the bottom option. Go to Comment moderation check sometimes and then put a number beside older than ... mine is set at 14 days, I rarely get spam in the first 14 days.

    Give hailey a hug from emm, elli and thommy!