Monday, December 24, 2012

Hooked up and Haulin’

On a hike up to Palm Canyon behind the state park campground we encountered a new species of bird.


While very very similar to the local Roadrunner, this one was evidently a Trailrunner, as there was not a road within a mile.


Most Borrego Springs boondocking spots are not actually in the State Park, or on BLM land, so there is not the usual 14 day limit on camping here.  CIMG8530


Palm Slot Canyon

But, after two weeks in one spot, nice as it is, it was time to move on.  Working on a tight schedule with only another four months to go, we decided to hook up and head out.  Besides we had some relatives showing up in Yuma for the Christmas holidays that we missed in Ottawa on our summer’s trip to the east coast.  The tanks were not really in need of dumping, but the Arco station at the junction of S-22 and 86 is just too nice to pass up.  They have about 5 dump stations in a line, and a couple of fresh water taps – all at no charge.  Fuel prices there are pretty good (for California) as well.CIMG8506CIMG8492CIMG8502

So, after the appropriate dump and fills, we were off down through Brawley, Imperial and El Centro – where they have the sea level marked as lines way up on the sides of big buildings or tanks, because the area is all below sea level.

The first border patrol check was operational on the northbound lanes at the next junction south, but the camera emplacements were watching both lanes carefully.

The larger checkpoint on Interstate 8 was not operational as we continued eastbound – heading for Yuma.  For part of the way the interstate is only a few hundred yards from the Mexican border fence. By the time we got moving and made a few stops along the way, the sun was getting low, so our first stop ever on Ogilby road was in order.  A short run down American Girl Mine road, and we were in a familiar looking 14 day camping zone, with widely spaced rigs dotting the landscape.  The first place we checked out looked good, so we pulled in, only to discover a flat tire on the trailer ;-(.

Not sure how long it had been down, as it still dragged ok and appeared undamaged, but it looked like we had picked up a nail somewhere in the desert.  Some people insist on burning pallets out there, which are full of nails and some or all inevitably meet up with tires.  After a quick change to the spare, and a dish set-up, we were in place to enjoy the evening.  Managed to pick up 20-30 off-air TV channels, but only three of them were in English!CIMG8542

Hailey liked the novelty of a few small trees around, as compared to the treeless area we had just departed. We could easily have spent a week or more there – and will in the future, but after a short flight to take some photos in the morning we headed on into the mountain time zone across the Arizona line.  We did spot one familiar looking rig a half mile away across the road – it was RVSue and crew on their way somewhere east as well.PC237088PC237085PC237081PC237074PC237073

So, it looks like we will spend Christmas in Yuma, (getting tires repaired) and then, who knows – maybe it will be back to Ogilby to give that place a decent assessment, or perhaps we’ll mosey on up towards Quartzsite and Bouse?  Or Tucson?  Gosh, there are a lot of decisions to make in this lifestyle Winking smile.

Keep your stick on the ice.


  1. Ivan: Have a Safe and Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.

  2. We run away from Roosevelt lake to Tucson for warm weather.
    Will stick here till New Year
    Ivan , Merry Christmas!!

  3. Good thing RV Sue doesn't travel with anit-aircraft guns or you could have been flying some very evasive maneuvers. Been a few years since we've been to Ogilbe Rd but always liked it there. Old mines around, lots of military air traffic, ect. Your Chopper will be at home with the troop carrying Chinooks lumbering overhead on their way to & from the Chocolate Mountains near Slab City.

  4. Just discovered your blog via a link from The Bayfield Bunch. Will enjoy following the travels of you and your copilot.