Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting the blog up to date …

I guess I missed these photos of rock art taken near Barker Dam in Joshua Tree NP.

Rock art 101.


And, this photo of the truck trying to get a look into ‘The Slot’ canyon at Borrego Springs.


So then it was off back to Yuma, where I did not even need to get any tires repaired or replaced this time!  We went directly to the Arizona Market Place to check on the latest deals.  Got a new outdoor RV mat, and enjoyed some live music while chowing down.  We left town in the morning, but not before taking advantage of the best propane prices around at $1.79/gal, compared to $2.79 in Quartzsite and more elsewhere.  We headed north, and spent a few hours walking around the Castle Dome museum, after dropping the rig at the end of the paved portion of the road.


For more photos and a better report, check out Al’s photos from when the Bayfield Bunch visited in 2010.

From there we roared through Quartzsite non-stop via the Interstate, not stopping to see if Wandering Willy was still keeping an eye on things out along Plomosa Road.  At that time RV Dreams group may have been out there as well?

It was getting dark upon arrival in Wickenburg, so we found a spot out on the Vulture Mine road, in among an organized equestrian group.

Hiking in the Sedona area was on the agenda the following day, so we just waved at the former Bayfield Bunch RV sitting on the corner with the for sale signs on it as we roared through Congress, and began the long climb up through Yarnell and into Prescott, where it was feeling a bit more like winter.  A tour of Jerome took most of the rest of the day.  After a cool night we found Sedona to be decorated with a fresh coating of snow, but the sun was warm, and it was fine for hiking the trails.



Next: lower elevations and warmer temps!


  1. Are you driving a truck or flying a jet?? Sounds like you did well in handling that 8 lanes of traffic going through Congress. If you come back this way, pop your drag chute at the top of the Yarnell Hill & coast your way on down to a smooth landing here on Ghost Town Road:))

  2. Just read that you're a boondocking sleuth, and now I feel foolish that I haven't been here yet. Nice pictures.

  3. Looks like very interesting country to see and go hiking in. Good pictures too! I think I could handle a boondocking life. Don't know about Deb though, she likes her showers and conveniences.