Friday, February 15, 2013

It’s about Time. For another post!

Lets see.  At last report, Hailey was in the drawer, and we were in the Palm Springs area. 



After visiting a couple of friends from back home in that area, and bringing one of them along the for the ride, it was back out into the desert asap. I scored the same campsite I had earlier near the south entrance to Joshua Tree NP. Next morning, much to my surprise there was a familiar looking truck camper and trailer parked nearby! Sure enough,an e-mail and a later visit confirmed that it was John & Nicole, from BC, and more recently, Borrego Springs. If you don’t know them, it is because I have not been able to convince John to start a blog – even though his e-mails show plenty of action and excitement.  We toured through most of the road-based areas of the park, with a few short hikes thrown in, and a few viewpoints enjoyed.

P2057448 - CopyP2057443 - Copy

The water behind Barker dam looked a bit low…  Actually non-existent.


The plan had been to spend at least another day hiking in the park, however the weather turned cold and windy again, so the decision was made to head back over to Borrego Springs!CIMG8661

While driving past the airport, a ‘familiar’ looking aircraft was spotted.

CIMG8662CIMG8660 - Copy

Sure enough, it was a Canadian invasion! Their cover story was that they were there participating in some parachute training, but I hope they annex BS into Canada!P2067451

Next was a drive out to the Wind Caves along aptly named Fish Creek(!).


On the way back, a stop at the off-highway vehicle visitor center showed what can happen if you are caught in a flash flood.  I believe this one was caught in Fish Creek wash last year?CIMG8676CIMG8677

Clearly, it is not wise to be in the wash any time when a heavy rain in the area is possible.

After only a couple of days enjoying the Borrego Springs area, it was time to move on.  This time, back towards Yuma.


  1. Seeing all that dry looking terrain, it is hard to imagine a flood rolling through there, but I have heard that they are frequent happening. Better be safe than sorry.

  2. Would love to know the geologic history behind those wavy layers of rocks in the photo with the dark pickup! And the caves were fascinating.

    Eek! The mainstream media missed the invasion! :D

  3. What!!!! A hardened Alberta Forest Ranger running from a bit of cold weather in Southern California....Gadzooks, say it ain't so:))