Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lake Mohave

The Davis Dam on the Colorado river is about 70 miles downstream from the Hoover dam, straddling the state line, just above Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona.

On the Arizona side within the Lake Mead National Recreation area, is Katherine’s Landing, consists of a large marina, houseboat rentals, campground, motel, and other recreational facilities.  It is just a short drive from Bullhead City, and it was on the agenda.


For me, the weather is more like summer, but here I guess it is ‘winter’, so during the week, the area is largely deserted, the businesses are closed, and the huge launch ramp sits unused.


It was about time to depart and explore some new terrain, but there was a little line on the map on the Nevada side that interested me.  After a couple of false starts, and even asking directions (!), the unmarked turnoff on highway 163 led down a long, gritty, sometimes rough road towards the shores of Lake Mohave on the Nevada side.


The destination was Nevada Telephone Cove.  Much to my surprise upon arrival, this is a relatively huge random camping area, free with a 7 day limit.  No atv’s are allowed, nor is off-roading, and it is patrolled regularly by Park Rangers.  There was only two other rigs on the long expanse of beach when I arrived, but four very clean outhouse buildings, so everyone had their own.  Signs say that it is a ‘pack in – pack out’ location, but there was a roll of Nevada garbage (trash) bags at the entrance, and a huge blue dumpster down the beach!  Any plans I had to go elsewhere evaporated quickly.  I found a waterfront location (they all are) with a tree for shade and immediately moved in to take advantage of the sun and scenery.PB079269PB079260PB079261

The usual population of Coots bobbed in the water, as well as a few mallards, two white domestic ducks, grebes and cormorants, while herons and egrets patrolled the shoreline.


A short hike – scramble on the crumbly rock gave a view and a different perspective.


I had some welcome company one night, and they even brought big juicy steaks to bbq, and an evening fire was enjoyed on the beach.  Friends from home, Doug & Dale were enroute back to Canada from LA when they decided to make the stopover. They operate St. Mary’s River Bed & Breakfast and Martin’s Flyfishing Ranch back home near Kimberley, BC.  You can find them on FB.

Coyotes are quite unafraid here and I spotted one dozing in the sun on the beach one afternoon, not far from the rig. I guess that’s why Hailey preferred to stay on the steps that day!


Hailey made good use of our tree to keep an eye on the area and keep the birds entertained.


It was about the same time that I noticed the cutest hood ornament of all time …


Another hike back into the hills provided yet another perspective of camp and the surroundings.


I took the long way back, and soon found myself in this secluded little bay with a small beach.  It was a rather warm day without much wind, so a short swim was in order.  It felt good on the sunburn.  Note to Albertans: no skates or scarves or toques were required.  Sunburn: what can happen to your skin if you aren’t wearing you skidoo suit all the time.


Not sure where the next destination is, but it won’t be to Congress and the Bayfield Bunch for a while – I don’t want to get ‘railroaded’ into hauling a bunch of ties around!  Wandering Willy has been laying rather low near Borrego Springs, while Jean & Skip are sharing the Quartzsite area with RV Sue and company.

Other wildlife in this area.



  1. You must have squeaked this post by me somehow. Never saw it till tonight. All the railroad ties are in place so it's safe to come on in. Looks like you have/had found yourself a rather nice spot again. Love all that space & no humanoids in sight. Groovy:))

  2. Looks and sounds like you two found a great spot to sit and enjoy for a while. Enjoy

  3. wish I could get our huge 5th wheel in there! not sure hubby would want to try the road

  4. Nothing to prevent a large 5th wheel from going there - other than fear and good judgement!
    Actually, road is a bit rough and narrow, but Class A's and everybody goes there. No problem is you go slow and have good tires

  5. What a great location. Just the kind of place I like. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous spot and our kinda place, for sure.