Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Migrating with the Birds

After my drive and hike up into the hills in search of Area 51, I was a little apprehensive about being watched.

Sure enough, after I hacked into the spy satellite, I discovered this image …PB019244

I decided to vacate the area and go for a drive out on highway 375, the extraterrestrial highway to see what was there.  I took a few photos, but noticed nothing out of the ordinary!


I wished I had some good lenses like the Bayfield Bunch to get photos of all these birds, but mine just can’t compete.  I took a few through my spotting scope, but that’s about it.



Soon enough, Monday morning arrived.  It was rather cool with a strong gusty wind coming down from the north.  I could tell the birds were getting excited by all this – they could sense a free ride south to their wintering grounds.

I wanted to get packed up as well, but a quick look out the window showed that a couple of great blue herons, a flock of Canada geese, and a few ducks would be disturbed as soon as I opened the door.  That’s how close to the water these campsites are.


Eventually, we packed up and joined the other departing RV’s.  For days camped here, an constant stream of campers were all headed the same direction – south!  We managed to merge into the stream, and for half the way to Vegas we were making over 30 miles/gallon with that great tailwind, and perhaps a bit of a slope to lower elevations.

Out on the I-15, I guess I must have been day-dreaming, when I looked up and saw the business end of a semi truck apparently headed my way on the wrong side of the road!  But I didn’t hardly panic at all.


I made a few stops around Vegas, and contemplated buying a few plants! I did notice that none of them were frozen, wilted, and under a foot of snow, like any at home …

IMG_2135 PB049250

Rolling on out of Vegas late in the afternoon, our coin toss took us down the west side of the Colorado, and through Searchlight, and Cal-Nev-Ari.  It was about time to start looking for a boondocking spot, so we took the bait and turned off onto the Christmas Tree Pass road.  It was a bit wash boardy, and there were no pull-offs in the first few miles so we exited onto a pipeline r/w and continued on south.  It had even fewer options, and we ended up on it until it intersected with highway 163 leading down to Laughlin.  (Sometimes you find a great spot; other times not so much)  Being a divided highway and on the wrong side, took us all the way back to it’s intersection with 95 before we could get on the big downgrade to Laughlin and Bullhead City on the Colorado river.  So the lights of Laughlin were twinkling brightly as we came down the hill and found ourselves in a surprisingly quiet, secluded corner of a large box store parking lot.  Lets just say it was near Home Depot, and provided free wifi signal from Home Depot, Carl’s Jr, and Sam’s Club!

Next day, we looked around the area a bit and checked out this Canadian bus with the fancy paint job.


You can park your rig in a Riverside casino parking lot on the Arizona side of the river, and take a free boat ride across the Colorado – to the Casino and hotels in Laughlin – on the Nevada side.  So I did.

Looking back across the river, Hailey was waving out the window of the 5th wheel.  At least I think she was.  Or maybe she was having a cat nap?

Of course, a stroll down the riverside walkway was in order past several of the hotels and casinos as far as the Colorado Belle.  Can’t believe they still allow smoking in those casinos.  As if I needed another reason to stay out in the fresh air and scenery!


Sure a lot warmer down here, at an elevation of under 600 feet.  But it wouldn’t hurt if they turned that north wind down a few notches.  I found a couple of adequate overnight camp spots up the hill a bit, with a great view of the lights of Laughlin, but with this wind, they were definitely out of the question.

In other news, I have learned that Wandering Willy, who hasn’t blogged since Wednesday, March 16, 2011, has somehow gotten by us all on that yucky I-5 interstate, and is now kicking back and relaxing – somewhere in southern California.  Apparently, he now has plenty of time to update his blog, ahem!

Al, from the Bayfield Bunch has been busy as always, getting settled into Congress again – and I see he has found me a boondocking spot not far from there – for when I come a-visiting some time!  Well, actually he found it for John and Turk from Just Finding Our Way, but lets not get hung up on the details and facts.

Great photo of Taggert, saying ‘don’t bother me, I’m having a nap in the sun’ on Wheeling It blog.

Not sure what time it is here/now.  Of course we just changed from daylight savings time recently, but I’ve been back and forth between time zones so many times – including Arizona which doesn’t change (?) that I’ve lost track – not that it really matters.  My phone tries to keep up, but it could now be on a cell tower from California, Arizona, or Nevada, or back and forth like it tends to do when I am in Lake Havasu on the Az/Ca line.


  1. Yep, lots of boondocking spots in this area once ya git yerself on down around this way. We'll probably be over around Borrego Springs in a couple weeks..........

  2. we were in Laughlin a few years back and I agree they should ban smoking in the casinos!

  3. Looks like you found a really nice spot! But really Ivan, I know you really miss the snow. Sledding down there wouldn't be good.