Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry, Merry Christmas to all.

As you can see from the web-cam Christmas shots above, it is
fairly cold and snowy at home.

But not here, on Beverly Beach, Oregon. It was however, very windy and raining hard and foggy yesterday afternoon, making driving somewhat unpleasant, so I decided to err on the side of big trees creating shelter, and stay at the Oregon State park of the same name. It was also a good chance to charge up all my batteries without running the generator, and to relax while watching cable TV - a first for me in a campground. I thought they may have taken a dim view of it if I had cut down a few 400 year old trees to get a clear view for the sat dish? My duct tape vent cover job worked well in spite of pouring rain most of the night, but it was dry today, so I took advantage and put the new vent cover on.

Harley also took the opportunity to get outside, graze on some green grass and chase away some of those pesky birds.

He has certainly settled back into his travel routine.

Well, I know the days are only going to get longer from here on in, and that it will get warmer the farther south I go, so I'd better get with it and get on the road. Perhaps another ocean-view campsite is in order?

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Later - down the road.

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  1. looks like I got my wish and you are being plauged with rain all the way to mexico...