Saturday, August 16, 2008

August has arrived, and it was time to take a road trip!
Saskatchewan was the destination this time, and as we crossed the border from Alberta, we realized that it is rather - flat!

But soon we headed north into the lake and bush country and entered Prince Albert National Park.
Paighton beach was looking as good as ever, on the south shore of Waskesiu lake.
We checked out the scenery in the townsite. The weather was fairly warm, so the scenery was good - and the beach was busy.
We camped out at the Narrows campground, and found the fees to be typically high. They wanted $21.50 for a campsite and another $8.80 for a fire permit. No electricity, no water, no showers. Compare that to an Oregon state park at Beverley Beach where for $18 I got electricity, water and sewer hookups, fireplace, free showers, and - cable TV! Hmmm?
The next day we toured up on the north shore of the lake into the Kingsmere Lake and Grey Owl Wilderness area.
For the first time, I got to hike the Narrows Penninsula trail which leads out onto the point opposite the Narrows campground.
Although it threatened to rain, it stayed dry and we had a good hike with only a few mosquitoes and some inquisitive loons for company.

Harley had forgotten to pack his harness or leash, so we had to buy a new harness in Prince Albert on the way up, and utilize some oversize rope to keep the park wildlife safe!While napping on the roadside in that general area, we had an early morning visitor. I heard some sounds that I attributed to other vehicles pulling up to view the lake. But whenever I looked out, I saw none. The vehicle moved a little, but there was some wind, and Harley rocks the camper when he jumps to the floor. There were some scratching sounds, but that is often from ravens landing on the roof.
When I finally got out to look around, I heard crashing off into the trees across the road, and found sandy paw prints all over the truck!

On the hood.
The front bumper.
The driver's side.
The side mirror.
And this curious black bear had even tried to sample one of the tires!
To be continued ...

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