Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waskesiu trip (Sask.) continued ...

While still in the Waskesiu area; after my truck got mugged (or hugged?) by the bear, we took in some more of the sights. One of these is a public viewing tower that you can climb to get a look above the surrounding trees. You see, they are 'mountain challenged' in this area :).

I think the surrounding trees have grown somewhat since the tower was built, but it still gets you up high enough to appreciate the divide between the watersheds of the Saskatchewan and the Churchill river systems.

This structure has been here for as long as I can remember, but I can't imagine that it has been maintained in a usable condition. Especially by Parks Canada, which is infamous for rotting infrastructure and facilities closed due to neglect. But here it is, and it is fairly dang impressive.
After leaving the park, I spent a couple days just to the south at Emma Lake, attending a family gathering. The camper was parked just behind the waterfront cabin, and evening found us sitting on the beach around the fire watching (and participating in) the impromptu fireworks demonstration/competition from other cabins surrounding the lake.

There were at least eight different sources of fireworks visible from our vantage point.
No children or pets were seriously hurt during this demonstration. That we know of!

After that it was time to turn the paw-printed truck in a homeward direction, so as not to be late for that occupation that still pays the bills.
Heading west - into the sunset across the flat portion of Alberta.

Collecting bugs on the windshield, and keeping away from the oncoming trucks.
Both directions, it was a convenient stop at a little regional park at the edge of the Alberta badlands (ie Drumheller). I think it was called Morrin Bridge Provincial recreation area?
It tried to rain in the morning, but Harley got out for a quick check for local 'prey', while I cleaned the windshield and enjoyed a morning coffee.

Remember - you can click on any photo for a much larger view (of Harley), or click on the Google map at the top and zoom in or out to your hearts content.
A northward looking shot from Google Earth shows the spot.

Next entry?

Hmmm, how about a tough day at work, flying around the north end of Banff National Park by helicopter. Preview below!

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