Saturday, December 26, 2009

From the wide-open spaces of the Slabs, the next stop on my itinerary called for a stop in Yuma to visit friends and relatives.

Even the beer cans in this neighbourhood are well organized.
Some are even painted to resemble the local vegetation.
Flowers were blooming - at least in the baskets hanging close to the camper.
And I did say it was a bit of a change from the wide-open spaces of the desert.
Gosh. More flowers! Who would have known. Must have had a film to finish :-)
There was a helathy space of at least 2" on the driver's side.
And it must have been at least 5" clearance on the other side. Let's say it was cozy.
But the price was right and the hospitality was great and the food was good.
From there, it was up to Quartzsite for a few days over Christmas. Christmas was a good day to replace a vent cap on the roof and touch up some other areas with some fresh sealant.
As well as sit back, relax with the binoculars and see what was happening in the area.
Had the satellite dish out and watched a little 'Corner Gas' on Christmas eve.
Camp was in the 'short-term' visitor area where stays are limited to 14 days, but it was on the border to the LTVA, where a nominal fee is charged for several months.
Pancakes were on the breakfast menu. Pretty bad when you are blogging about pancakes - sounds like it would be better on Twitter (which I don't do).

It's been sunny, but not that warm here - so, it's off to Lake Havasu to see what's up there?

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  1. We've been in Yuma, Quartzite, & as far north as Parker but we have yet to make it up into the Lake Havasu area. We hear it's nice along the Colorado river up along that way.