Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things have been a bit slow on the photo and blog front (they go hand in hand, with me), so I have not been posting for the last few days.

But here is the update. I forgot to mention that northbound from Yuma on Highway 95 I came across the sign to Martinez lake. Since I have not been there in the past I decided to check it out on the way north.
Maybe it was the weather, but I did not see any good boondocking sites, and the National Wildlife Refuge does not permit camping, so after a bit of a look around headed back north.

After Christmas I headed up to Lake Havasu, hoping for warmer weather, but it was a mixed bag and none too warm. I did drive a bit further up the Craggy Wash BLM site this time to see where that road went. I found that about the 3 mile mark it turns more or less into a quad trail.
But this did not deter me - for a while.
But I was worried about scratching the paint, so I soon turned around.
And, back down to where it was a bit more mellow.
I went into the Lake Havasu Home Depot to look at chainsaws, and was amazed to find some quite rude sales people - including some managers!
I was interested in a saw they had on display - but had none to sell. And the one they had listed was not on display. They argued with me for quite some time - till I was walking out in disgust. When I tried to find another manager to complain to about some of the staff, I finally found one who listened - and evenually sold me the saw I wanted (he let me name the price!). MOST of the staff were really good and helpful, but the ones I dealt with will ensure I won't go back any time soon. End of rant.

Unlike past times I have been to Lake Havasu, when there was hot boats parked side by side in the channel, this time there was only a single boat puttering through with a load of bundled up occupants, and a few stragglers wandering the waterfront paths.

So then, it was back to Quartzsite where I broke down and had a new propane heater installed in the camper, temporarily. The existing furnace works great, and is entirely sufficient, but it does consume power, which could be a problem night after night, or if you want to spend some time indoors during the day as well.
It would also come in handy if I ever decided to use the camper to go skiing or camp out in really cold weather, without a ready source of power to keep the furnace running.
But what I really bought it for, is for the 5th wheel at home, which would take a lot more power to keep the furnace running. With this heater, it can be operated and moved to the area of the rig that requires the heat, without necessarily heating the whole thing.
Stay tuned for ongoing reports of it's operation.
This morning in Quartzsite (above).

I took this photo of the beer sign to demonstrate the differences in prices between Canada and the US. As a general rule of thumb in Canada, you can figure $2/beer, then add a bit more.

Here, it is closer to 50 cents each. You figure out who is getting ripped off on the taxes!
Another rant!
Got the heater installed this morning in Quartzsite, now I have to decide where to go next. Or maybe I should do laundry, and get a haircut?
See you down the road.

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  1. We had our Legacy Blue Flame heater installed in Quartzite as well. They came right out to our boondocking site & did it. Think the place was called Granny's or Grandma's Heating or something. Northeast of the main intersection about three quarters of a mile I think. That was 2 winters ago & we haven't used our furnace since:)) We love our blue flame propane heater!!