Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hailey’s First Roadtrip!


After a first tough 9 days back at work, I found myself with 5 days off – which just happened to be over the Victoria day long weekend!  In spite of poor weather reports, it did not take much convincing to hook up and hit the road again.  With Hailey completely comfortable with the run of the house, it was time to see how she would do on the road.

We still had the cat carrier that she had arrived in, so she went back in there to make sure she did not make an unexpected exit, or get into the driving areas.  The short-list of destinations included Abraham lake to the north, or Revelstoke lake to the west.  Since we were low on groceries and cat food (!), it was decided that west would provide the needed shopping opportunities, so west we went after packing up after work.  Temperatures were cool and just above the freezing mark, and snow was falling as we headed out.  I saw a plane that had likely had to turn back as it encountered a serious snow squall over the continental divide.CIMG0988


In the Golden canyon, a big rig shows what happens when going too fast on the tight downhill corners.



CIMG0984CIMG0985CIMG0987CIMG0986The usual Bighorn sheep were roadside just outside of town.

There were of course, more snow showers as we climbed over Roger’s pass.CIMG0989

Hailey slept quietly on the road and was not fazed by her first exposure to the fifth wheel that night as we stopped to visit friends in Revelstoke.  She quickly adapted to the new locations of the ever important food dish and litter box.

In the morning we headed north up the lake, past Revelstoke dam,hoping we were ahead of most of the weekenders.CIMG0991  Alas, most of the good sites accessible with a 5th wheel were already taken – some with unattended rigs, and some that looked as they had been set up on a seasonal basis :-(  CIMG0992

I hope this is not a trend that continues, or more regulation will no doubt follow to prevent this abuse.

But finally, on about our fifth choice, we did find a decent lake front spot, all to ourselves.CIMG0995       As hoped, Hailey made herself completely at home, launching attacks on my feet and hands from all the new hiding places she has discovered.  I’m not sure the furniture will survive the sharp claws and teeth, however.  I adjusted one of Harley’s harnesses down as small as it would go, and put it on her.  It was kind of floppy, but she seemed to think it was a game at least, and was not freaked out by it.    CIMG0997 CIMG0998 CIMG1000 CIMG1001 CIMG1002 CIMG1003 CIMG1004 CIMG1005

The weather has been a mixed bag so far, but that was expected, so the solar panel is not getting overused!

It was a challenge finding a spot to put the TV dish because of the tall trees, but I finally found a spot on a steep little hillside where I could see the TV through the window, and my pvc pipe tripod managed to hold it in position.  Maybe photos on the next installment?

Well, back to enjoying the weekend!


  1. It looks like Hailey is adapting well to the traveling life! I love the pics - a good reminder that you should watch it on those downhill turns. We have them too in our mountains - gets scary in the winter. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Hailey is just adorable, and sounds like she was born to travel! What a great match you 2 are.